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Weekly Lists #74: 5 Favourite Blogposts February

You know those posts where you just go “oh, this is brilliant, more people should read this”? And then you move on with your life? Well, this is my attempt to make sure other people do read them. Here are 5 of my favourite blogposts February edition!

1. Things I do on a bad M.E. day – Ice cream whispers Clara

Everybody has those days, right? Where you basically get up and just want to crawl back into bed? Because you know, you just know, that today is not gonna be a good one? Well, Elizabeth from Ice cream whispers Clara, put together this list of things you can do when anybody’s having that sort of a day. And let me just tell you: I’d probably get some benefit from implementing these as well!

2. Easy ways to eliminate negativity from your daily life – A Girl Obsessed

I don’t know if it’s just because I’m constantly looking for better ways to deal with my own mental health, but I’ve really been loving these kinds of posts this month. Negativity in general can be a huge trigger form a bad m.h. day for just about anybody. So whether you think you need them or not, there’s probably going to be at least one tip in here that you might need 🙂

3. How to boost productivity & get more work done – Bookish & Bright

Now, this one might as well have been written by myself, because Bookish and Bright is also written by someone who’s currently juggling university and blogging. Let me just tell you: not always the easiest thing to do! I’m definitely all for the planning, but I’ve got the distinct feeling I need to work a bit more on the prioritising. If you want to read more of her tips, be sure to go check out this post!

4. Top ten tips for starting your firs teaching placement – Beth Parnaby

Let’s be honest: the reason this one got me so much is basically just because February was the month in which I started my own teaching placement and I kind of just felt like I was drowning all of the time. I mean, you know, it’s not easy! Combining college with the amount of preparation that goes into teaching? Not quite as simple as I might have hoped it to be. Quite a bit more time consuming as well! So even though I’d already started teaching by the time I read this? There’s definitely some tips in there that  I really needed to read!

5. How to be more intentional about your blog content – Just a girl and her blog

This was one of those posts that left me feeling just that little bit better about myself. Because you see, I usually already do most of the things in this list. None the less, I have to admit it was definitely a good wake up call for those points where I might’ve gotten off grack. And either way, it’s always a good thing to be more intentional about your blog content, right?

Anyways, there you have it! That’s 5 of my favourite blog posts from this past month. What posts have you enjoyed most in February? Are there any you feel I should definitely read? Be sure to let me know below!