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Weekly Lists #121: Favorite blogposts February 2018

There’s another month just about gone and another load of blogposts I’ve been loving. From the personal to the emotional to the blogging-related, there’s been quite a few this month. And as per the usual? The favourite blogposts february 2018-edition is here to give you an overview of some of my absolutel favs!

1. Rhianna Olivia: A storm in a teacup

A storm in a teacup and trying to keep my head above water

Honestly, I feel like I’m in the middle of the ocean trying to tread water whilst all my limbs are slowly giving up from exhaustion. I try to keep my head above water, but then some massive wave comes and drags me back under. And the blame is all on me.

And that was the point where I realised I did myself a huge favour by following this blogger and that she writes some of the best things ever.

2. Things to do before you post your blog

These are the kind of things that I’m constantly reminding myself I really should do but somehow forget. So, just in case you have the same thing you need to remind yourself of? Here you go, you’re welcome, A Girl, Obsessed made an amazing list for us!

3. Organized office-tour

You know I love me some organization. So an official organized office-tour? I was always going to love that. Especially because we’ve been able to see some bits and pieces through Instagram and Youtube these past couple of weeks!

4. On comparison

Because, just last monday, I blogged about how that has been influencing me. And also, because this is true on so many more levels than “just” blogging.

5. And then you own your own business

By Aloha Kirstie

Because sometimes we all just need that little bit of inspiration, right? And this, I do think, can probably show you what can happen. Also, I just love Aloha Kirstie 🙂

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite posts from this past month! What posts have you been loving? Be sure to let me know below!