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Weekly Lists #117: Favorite blogposts January 2018

You guys, how is it the end of the first month already? I mean, I’ve seen these posts going around about how January lasted like 17 months. NoNo. Just no. January flew by and I am completely not okay with it being over already. Nope. I need more time. Also, I need more time to read. Blogposts, amongst others. So I added some vlogs in. Because I didn’t have time to read, okay? So here’s the Favorite blogposts January 2018-edition with like 5 crossovers.

1. The Uncool Club

Introducing The Uncool Club

I mean, I’m like the definition of a member to that, right? (Plus: the hashtag on Instagram especially – it’s pretty darn cool!)

2. Practical ways to slow down

7 Practical Ways to Slow Down and Make Your Days Feel Longer

January brings with it good goals of all sorts and slowing down is probably one of them for a majority of the people. It’s also something that is really great in theory, but really hard to actually get down. Which is where this post comes in. BlairBlogs is basically a set feature in this series, and this post just goes to show why!

(Also, be sure to check out her video on her word for 2018 – it’s inspring!)

3. On depression

Cullen and Katie are, together with DailyBumps and Ellie and Jared are like my original three. The vloggers that got me into familyvlogging. The gateway-vloggers, so to say. Throughout the years, I’ve gone on and off with watching their videos, but this one? This one is just so important. Watch it. Watch it again. Maybe even take notes. And if you need help – don’t wait until it’s too late.

4. Blog burnout and combatting it

A lot of you probably noticed that I’ve been kind of inconsistent with the blogging this past month. I don’t know what it was about the beginning of this year, but blogging was just not on my mind. Considering the amount of work I had this past month? And especially considering my focus word for this year? I decided to leave well enough alone. (if you read my focus word introduction, you’ll get that pun :p )

I still got my weekly’s up, but that was about it. About. And then I read this post, and realised blog burnout is exactly what it was. So I told myself that for now, just the weekly’s was enough. And what do you know, a little later and I find my motivation back. For now, that is. So there you go – just saying “it’s alright” can help as well 🙂 For more tips, you’ll have to read the post 😀

5. Why I gained weight

In a similar vein to the last one – because I’m thinking we forcefeed 2018 all the mental health-awareness, whether it wants to or not. MkayGood.

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite posts from this past month! A lot of intentions, awareness and of course: the Uncool Club. Because people should just go join that already! What posts have you been loving this past month? Be sure to let me know below!