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Weekly Lists #142: Favorite Blogposts July 2018

July’s been a mess. A hot, sweaty mess, to be exact. Or am I confusing the past month with myself now? Either way, there was lots of sun, lots of friends, traveling and ice cream… And of course: these favorite blogposts July 2018!

1. Bullet Journal

How To Start Using a Bullet Journal

I have a sort of weird cross over between a planner and a bullet journal myself. A kind of “best of both worlds”, if you will. The good thing about that? Anything I like in the countless bullet journal posts I’m always pinning? I can try them. And this was definitely one of those posts that left me with a lot of inspiration!

2. In-between sized girl

Head-to-toe dressing for a summer city break as an in-between sized girl

I am 100% an in-between sized girl. I’m not big enough to be plus size, but not small enough to be “normal size” (which, by the way, I have so many problems with that term). So to actually hear someone give that feeling a name? A win to begin with 🙂

3. Things learnt while studying

15 Things I Learnt During my Undergraduate Studies

I know, learning something new while studying – how odd. But as a general rule, you can assume you’re going to be learning way more than just what your major is all about in college. And this post does an excellent job of summarizing that!

4. Traveling the world

And not having to quit your job to do so.

I mean, that’s basically the dream, isn’t it?

5. Loneliness and its positives

My Loneliness Was a Gift

Blair from Blair Blogs is back at it again with the thought-provoking posts. And this one especially? It hit a nerve. It probably does, in some way or form, for most of us. And “assume everyone is lonely” is now going to be my starting point when meeting all new people.

What posts have you been loving this month? Be sure to let me know below!