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Weekly Lists #79: 5 Favorite Blogposts March

Another month has gone and passed us by. Well, at least. It’s passed me by, I don’t know about you. But, yeah, I didn’t really get the chance to read a lot of blogposts. Somehow, though, I managed to collect 5 posts I really loved. Either they were useful, either they were cute – or just plain old fun. Either way: here’s my favorite blogposts March edition!

1. 15 #trypod recommendations

Modern Mrs Darcy is a name that might ring a bell because I’ve done her reading challenge for the last couple of years. Apart from the general bookish-ness, though, this blogger has now also started a podcast. And what beter way to celebrate that, then by sharing some of her favourite podcasts with us?

I’ve got to be honest – podcasts are just one of the many things I keep saying I’ll do “as soon as I have some time”. Spoiler: I never do end up having the time. So you know, maybe this will give me the inspiration to finally start listening to some of them?

Either way: a fun list with a lot of (supposedly 🙂 ) great recommendations, should you like them!

2. Signing off for now

Just a girl and her Blog is probably one of the blogs I’ve been following for the longest time. The blogger, Abby Lawson, has just undergone surgery, and this is the post she put up right before going in for that.

Basically, this is a blogger that has some of the most amazing organizational and general tips and tricks, and I absolutely love all of her posts. And, you know… Just keep her in your thoughts, if you can, okay?

3. How to Have the Worst Blog

So, obviously this post doesn’t actually want to have the worst blog. I just need at least one blog-related post in every single one of this series, and this one gives the tips in quite the entertaining way.

Also – I probably make too many of these 8 mistakes, so, you know… I guess I could do with the reminder? 🙂

4. I’m Stronger than I thought I was

Robowecop is another one of those blogs that I’ve been following for what feels like forever. So obviously, I still like what I’m reading on her blog – right?

Anyway, a while back, she was made redundant. Now, naturally, that sucks – but what I really admire about her is the way she’s handled it. And in this post, looking back on that period? I can really only tip my hat for her!

5. 5 Simple and non-obsessive ways to eat healthier

Now, if I’d had a post by Overstuffed in here, I would basically have had my trifecta of bloggers I’ve been following for forever. Blair from Blair Blogs is probably the second blogger ever I started following.

And this post? Words cannot describe how imporant this is. Very few people have a completly healthy relationship with food, and most people are constantly aiming to maybe eat a little healthier. Serious tip? Read this post first – it’s good.

And there you have it! That’s 5 of my favourite posts from this past month! If you have any other blogposts from the past month you think I should give a read, be sure to let me know below!