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Weekly Lists #191: Favourite Content July

July has come and gone and I’ve read just about nothing. Basically because we’ve moved and I’ve found myself inundated with boxes and bags filled with stuff. So I needed something I could do while doing other stuff, and, well… That’s very obvious from this listing of favourite content July offered me!

1. A Rom-Com Syllabus

Because, you know… I love me some rom-com!

2. Hot Ones

I know this is not a new show, but I’ve been kinda binging the entire past 9 seasons. And guess what? This show is freaking amazing! (and I’d kinda like to see what that “Last Dab” actually tastes like!

3. Love Island

This year, we had the first Belgian/Dutch version of Love Island and it was kind of amazing? I mean, I’m dying to know whether the couples will actually stay together, certainly!

4. N.E.W.T.s Readathon announcement

Yes, I’m participating again. Yes, I’m probably going to regret everything. Yes, I’m still going to do it and try to beat it. (And I’ve given myself two different careers that I want to fulfil the N.E.W.T.s for so I may very well be beaten by it!)

5. The Try-Pod

Look, the Try Guys are amazing. Them in a podcast? It’s basically everything I could’ve hoped for – and it’s kind of turned me onto podcasts as a genre! I have the Cimorelli-podcast lined up next, but I’m in need for something to listen to after that. Any recommendations?

Well, this month was certainly quite video-heavy, wasn’t it? Well, what else was I supposed to do? I’ve read almost nothing this past month, and I had to entertain myself somehow… So bingewatching and -listening it was!