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Weekly Lists #156: Favourite Blogposts October 2018

October was not fun this year. Well, you know. It was okay. But it just didn’t feel like October. On the 13th, it was 26°C. Those are the kind of temperatures we’re usually hoping for for summer. But, you know, considering just about this entire summer was just one prolonged heatwave, I guess it makes sense that October too, would be about 10° hotter than it should’ve been. Doens’t mean I should like it though. Which I didn’t. At all. I’m ready for 4 months straight of freezing-temperatures at this point. Oh, and for this favourite blogposts October 2018-edition!

1. Reading Challenge Ideas

25 Reading Challenge Ideas To Inspire You to Read More + FREE Workbook to Create Your Own Challenge

Because who doesn’t need more of a challenge to get more reading done, right?

2. Travel Essentials

4 travel essentials that made my life much easier this fall

Because, travelling is never quite as easy as you would like it to be, is it? And also because I just like looking at pretty organisational things.

3. Treat yourself like a princess!

Because, you know, in times of high-stress-at-work and non-stop-overload-of-correction-piles? Sometimes you need to treat yourself like a princess!.

4. Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge

Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge + HUGE Book Haul

There’s actually a group of us in a Twitter-chat now, just discussing which books of these we want to read, what we’re reading first… It’s been quite fun, actually!

5. Blogging courses

The 21 Best Blogging Courses I Gotta Have from the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2019

Because, you know… Sometimes? You just want to know for sure what you’re supposed to be doing!

What posts have you been loving this month? Be sure to let me know below!