I give a Sheet – Spreadsheets for Bookbloggers

Also known as: the second post I’m writing for the Bookending Spring 2019 edition! This time, we’re going with today’s post, again: by AJ @ For the Love of Diversity and hosted by Sam @ Fictionally Sam. Or: all the sheets – spreadsheets for bookbloggers, that is – that (can) help me when blogging. Because, you know – who needs to make this more difficult?

A couple of quick notes: I like to keep things simple. In other words, I’m not too much of a fan of having 17 different spreadsheets for 17 different purposes. Rather, I like things to fit together, and to combine multiple functions. Second: I’m primarily a book blogger. That means that two out of these sheets? Well, they’re strictly adapted to that particular purpose. And, well… That’s it really!

Book Spreadsheet – It’s All About Books

This one is basically the basis for all I do. In other words: it allows you to do much more than just keep track of what books you’re reading. It allows you to chart all the books you’re purchasing, in what way you got them, what books you’ve reviewed, how many books you’ve read by female or male authors, how many pages and books you’ve read on average…

This spreadsheet gives you basically everything you could possibly wish for as far as the translation of your data into statistics and so on. This is also the spread sheet I’ve been using, in its various iterations, since 2015. And honestly? I’ve just been happier and happier with every single alteration the creator has made.

Find it at It’s All About Books

Book Blogger Spreadsheet – Reader Vocarious

Now, I know I just said I like to have one spreadsheet for multiple things, And now, here I am, showing you a second spreadsheet that does have some overlap with the previous one. However. The previous one, I use as my base level – in other words: it’s the one I use for both blog- and private-purposes. It’s the one I use more so than Goodreads, if I’m honest.

This one, while it does have some functions that are similar to the ones I mentioned in It’s All About Books‘ spreadsheet, is more specified in its purpose. What I mean by that, is that it’s aimed specifically at ARC’s – and ARC’s, for me, are always blog-related. So this spreadsheet allows you to keep track of what ARC’s you’ve requested, what ARC’s you’ve been approved for, how your posts on those ARC’s are doing…

Find it at Reader Vocarious

Blogger Spreadsheets – And Possibly Dinosaurs

In the natural progression from books only to blogs only… If you want to have an editorial calendar? An overview of all your blogposts, colour coded and everything? A location to brainstorm all your ideas? An overview of your guest posts, the affiliate links you’ve included, the attachments you’ve included in a post… Then this is the spreadsheet for you. It’s at times, I have to admit, almost overwhelming.

That being said, though, that’s the good thing about this spreadsheet as well: while it gives you a ton of possibilities, it also doesn’t actually make you do anything. You can use as many or as few of the options as you like, and it’ll still be a definite win for your blogging life!

Find it at … And Possibly Dinosaurs

So there you have it, these are some of my favourite spreadsheets for bookbloggers! Are you already using any of these? Be sure to let me know below!