Favourite Pinterest Boards

A little while ago I wrote about my re-discovered love for Pinterest. One of the biggest bits was that I managed to reorganise my boards much more efficiently. One of the things I did for that, was look for inspiration. Now, I’m not quite there yet, but I figured I’d show you none the less: some of my favourite pinterest boards!

Preraphaelites and flowers – “Ice cream whispers Clara”

Now, in general all of the boards on Elizabeths Pinterest are amazing. Her diary-board? Inspiration. Her favourites and ideas? Gorgeous. Her “Cute Home”? I want to live there. But, yeah, this preraphaelite-board? It’s just… It’s so amazingly gorgeous. And I really need to have more esthetics-boards on my pinterest. Probably the number one thing I still want to work on 🙂

Beautiful words – Blair Blogs

Yeah, sure, I know that Blair Lamb from Blair Blogs features in my favourite blogposts every other month (at least!) already. But guess what, I like more than just her own writing.


And then she goes and has an entire pinterest board dedicated to nothing but other people’s beautiful words.

Get Financially Fit – Jordan Page

Going hand in hand with living on my own now, comes the fact that I’ve suddenly found myself very interested in budgetting. And Jordan Page from Fun Cheap or Free has basically become my number one resource. I mean, her Budget Bootcamp is amazing – and that’s just from the free stuff.

Seriously, if you want to get your finances in order? Start with this pinterest board. Now.

Bookworm Home Decor – Bookful Anita

Source unknown

I mean, it’s books and home decor. The ultimate combination of things that I love. Just go through this and sit there, in awe. All the bookish pillows. The wall decoration.  The book stairs. Need I say more?

And of course, I’m always looking for more inspiration. So if you have any boards you particularly like? Do let me know below!