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Weekly Lists #207: Favourite Content November

This past month has been a mess, and it shows. That’s to say: I hardly remember any of it, and what I remember? Mainly just work. Maybe some reading to escape from work, but that’s about it. Oh, and some YouTube to distract me as well – the large majority of which has made it onto this Favourite Content November lists!

1. Winter Magical Readathon Announcement

A readathon? That doesn’t require you to plan out about 50 books you want to read beforehand? And that’s Harry Potter-themed? Yes please!

2. Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It’s been quite fun to watch Lily read all of the Harry Potter series for the first time. Especially seeing her thoughts, predictions and conspiracy theories. Am I sad that series has come to a “sort of” conclusion? Yes. But hey – I can still go back and rewatch all of them, right?

3. Reacting to the Pass It On-challenge

Their pass it on-challenges are honestly some of my favourite content Sorted Food produce, but I have to admit… I too have been curious what, exactly, they might make of each other’s performances. Naturally – Sorted Food delivered!

4. Dorkface Blog Shop

I’ve mentioned Jemma’s shop on Twitter as well as on Instagram a couple of times, now, and honestly? None of her products have disappointed. So, if you’re in need of some gift ideas? Definitely check her out! (and also, just follow her for her content – she’s a pretty darn great person to follow in general!)

5. The Best Christmas Adverts

I’m like 90% sure that this is a thing that is only just starting to come over to Belgium. For years, however, I’ve heard UK- and USA-based bloggers go on about their favourite Christmas adverts. So, actually getting a handy little overview of some of the (arguably) best ones? Always handy to fill up some “I should be working but also I should probably relax at some point today so I might as well do this”-time!

Anyways, that’s all I have for you as far as my favourite content November goes – what content have you been loving recently? Be sure to let me know below!