One Year Blog Anniversary

So this week was my blog’s one year anniversary!
I made this blog on August 18th, I wrote my first ‘post’ on August 19th, and completely re-wrote it the 21st of August – exactly one year ago today!

So of course, I had to take a look back on what has happened in this past year, as well as my goals for the coming year…
So let’s get started!

So far…

In the past year, I have posted a grant total of 147 posts, this one included. That’s an average of a little over 12 posts per month, or approximately 3 posts every week!

For those 147 posts, I’ve gotten a total of 11916 page views, which equals 993 views per month and just over 81 views per post.

I’ve started getting comments on a semi-regular basis, I’ve found a couple of link parties that I love participating in, I’ve had (some) contact with other bloggers that I admire and – most importantly – I’ve fallen even more in love with blogging than I ever could’ve hoped for!

Now, of course I’m aware that, compared to some, those numbers are practically nothing. However, considering that at the same time, I’m also full time studying ànd tutoring ànd trying to somehow have a life somewhere in between? It’s so much more than I ever could’ve hoped for!

What’s next…

Do I have any big plans for my second year of blogging?

Of course!

I’ve recently adapted a new blogging schedule, which I’m hoping will serve me well into this next year. I have a ton of posts that I want to write – some follow ups on last year’s How To Survive College Series, a new 12 Days of Christmas Series, maybe even a new recipe here or there, and of course: a whole lot of bookishness!

Apart from that, I’m hoping that (even though I’ll yet again be doing an impossible amount of courses next year) I’ll continue to be able to post 3 times a week, to interact with readers, to discover new ways of growing this blog and so on and so forth!

More than anything, though, I’m hoping that in the next year I’ll continue to love writing these posts and hopefully further grow my blog and its following (maybe even monetize it? who knows 🙂 )