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Random facts about me

Also known as: I don’t really feel like thinking too much about today’s post? So instead, I figured I’d just give you a couple of random facts about me!

1. I sing opera

My favourite thing I’ve ever sung was either the Flower Duet from the opera Lakme, or Ich Gehör Nur Mir from Elisabeth.

2. I hate rice (95% of the time)

Rice cakes, rice pudding, rice anything? Don’t like it. I’ll have it in sushi, because then I can focus more so on everything else, but still. Don’t like rice.

I do love me a good risotto, though, but then again: at that point the rice has neither the taste nor the consistency of rice – so I guess that explains why I can handle it like that.

3. Jeans > dresses

I’m not quite at the point where I will refuse to wear a dress ever, but at least as a general rule? With the only exception being special occasions? I’m in jeans. Always. Even when it’s 34°C outside – even if I regret it immensely at that point.

4. I’m a stress talker

The more I talk, the more stressed I am. It’s led to people thinking I’m very social, when, in reality, I’m just blurting out whatever I think of, in order to avoid that horrible long silence.

5. I’d rather be reading

No matter what I’m doing, I’d almost always rather be reading. There’s very few people that I’ll actually choose over reading – and even for those people, it’s sometimes a hit and miss, from day to day.

Reading beats just about every other activity, in my *humble* opinion.

6. I love pink

Which some people think is kind of weird, because I’m not much of a very *girly girl* – see point 3 of this list. But still, I love pink. As I’m typing this, I’m wearing a pink sweater, I’ve just taken a sip from my pink water bottle and I have my pink pen bag standing next to me. I’ve also had, in previous years, a pink phone, a pink cover for my iPod touch, a pink iPod, an brown-and-pink backpack, pink shoes, … I honestly don’t know why – I just love pink.

And there you have it, that’s 6 random facts for you. Did you know about these already? Be sure to let me know below!