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Weekly Lists #126: Favorite YouTube-Singers

So this could be seen, I guess, as a continuation of a couple of posts I did about two (?) years back featuring some of my favourite booktubers, foodtubers and vloggers. This time, however, we’re focussing on the part of YouTube that, quite frankly, I probably should have started with. My favourite YouTube singers!

1. Cimorelli

These sisters were the original reason that I got into YouTube. As in, you know, apart from just looking up music clips. Because that’s how I started, around 2008 or 2009. But these sisters? They were such amazing singers, their harmonies so on point…

And of course, they’re pretty funny too:

2. Dodie

From the original obsession, to the most recent one. Also known as: the reason I’m currently writing this post. I already knew off Dodie because I’ve been following Evan Edinger for a while now, and he used to be roommates with Dodie. Apart from her occasional appearances in his videos, though, I’d never really looked into her own stuff. Boy do I feel stupid for not doing so sooner, now, though!

(Also, she does some amazing collaborations)

3. Walk Off The Earth

Once Cimorelli really got me into the whole Youtube thing, Walk Off The Earth was probably the next group I came across. Mainly just because, well, you know… I wanted the groups with the amazing harmonies. That was the main goal at the time.

With Walk Off the Earth, sure, the harmonies were partially thanks to the amazing (random) instrumentilizations, but still. They’ve remained amazing!

4. Flashback

This is definitely the most recent addition to “my” youtube singers, and I actually discovered them thanks to Dodie! They did a cover of her original song “in the middle” with her and, well, you know… I kind of really liked it? Again: the harmony game is on point. And as vocalists, they’re not too shabby either 🙂

5. Orla Gartland

Another find “thanks to” Dodie. Because she did this amazing collaboration with her and Lauren Aquilina (another must-see, by the way!) and I love the instrumental parts of her songs, as well as the lyrics. That’s a given for Dodie and her friends: they’re all amazing lyricists. Like, to the point it seems almost ridiculous.

And there you have it, that’s some of my favourite current youtube singers! As might have been clear, I just recently got back into all of this, so if you have any other recommendations for me? People I definitely need to look up? Be sure to let me know below!