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Christmas Bucket List

Every year, I look forward to Christmas for months, and then I complain I didn’t get the chance to enjoy it. This year, however, that won’t happen. No, because this year? I’ve got a plan. I’ve thought ahead. Or, in other words: I’ve got a Christmas bucket list!

Now, one of the biggest mistakes I usually make for Christmas? I want to do everything. Everything. And then I feel disappointed when that doesn’t work. Now why would that be? Either way, this time round? I’m trying to make sure I keep this a) doable; b) enjoyable; c) combinable with work. Because, you know… Work, studies, … All things that can come between me and my Christmas enjoyment. And, honestly? I’m not having any of it this year!

The fun

Because Christmas should be fun, right? And also, because, you know… I’m always in need of an excuse to bake some cookies. Or to try a new hot chocolate recipe. I’m even planning on reporting back to you for that one!

Now, of course, playing in the sun? That one means I’m largely dependent on the weather. But, hey, I can dream, right? I mean, we actually got some snow in December last year. So, surely, that’s not too much to ask for this year, is it? Just a day or two of snow… Both preceded and followed, of course, by weeks on end of frosty cold. I’m very much aware I’m probably alone on that one but I love it so much. Just give me cold weather, and I’ll be happy, basically!

The cosy

Because Christmas is always cosy, right? I actually bought a couple of Christmas puzzles in November and we’ve slowly (very slowly) been making our way through those. It was quite interesting, actually – you see, they came in a box so big that the store didn’t have any bags for them. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked 15 minutes, holding two huge puzzle boxes? And then climbed some stairs with them, just for good measure? Yeah, I deserved my puzzling fun after that!


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And of course, I gifted the bf a collection of old board games for his Sinterklaas last year. So we’re in definite need of playing some more of those games.

As for the Christmas movies, well… Do I even need to explain that one? Really now?

The practical

I love ballet. I’ve already seen the Nutcracker live twice, and although a third run probably isn’t going to happen this year, I can always rewatch my dvd. Or, you know, go check out the Disney-movie which has just been released. Honestly, I don’t go to the cinema a lot (I try to avoid it at all costs, even) but this movie? Oh, does it have me wanting to go!

Actually, the same can be said for Christmas markets: I often find myself somewhat disappointed with them – especially if it’s not cold enough for my liking. And, you know… Cold enough? That’s usually really cold. But as me and the bf have tickets to go see OG3NE in concert in Den Hague? Well, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but yeah… I’m looking forward to the local Christmas market as well as that concert! (Btw: is it cheating if you already know you’re going to do something? Or just making life that little bit easier on yourself?)

The necessary

Because Christmas – and December with it – can get overwhelming. Especially with the pressure to be happy, and chipper, and upbeat all the time? I just know I’m going to have to remind myself to sit down and breath every once in a while. And seeing friends to go along with that? Well, that should just put me right in the mood of merriness, shouldn’t it?

What’s on your bucket list for the run-up to Christmas this year? Be sure to let me know below! And of course, if you want some more Christmas-posts? Be sure to check out the tag, and do come back for the rest of this year’s blogmas!