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Advent Calendar Ideas

Hey! It’s blogmas season again! And this year, I’m – for once – not starting with my bucket list. Rather, I’m addressing this one to all of you people who were going on about how they wanted to make their own advent calendar this year… And then suddenly it was December 1st and now you’ve just realised that you don’t actually have anything prepared. Well – worry no more, because here’s some Advent calendar ideas, just for you!

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First things first: I really like giving small and personal things. You know, the type of things that aren’t necessarily useful, but are cute nonetheless. Sometimes that means jewellery, sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s little useful things – and of course, why not add some fun little extras?

This year, I actually combined some fun Christmas facts, some coupons, and some Christmas wishes. You know, to make sure that the holiday spirit really is all around. Curious what those look like? You can download them here (and fill them in whatever way you like!)

Then, just add some candy to each one maybe make some highlight-days where you add something extra special, and there you go!

So – are you ready to get started with the holiday season?