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Fictional Gifts

You know how sometimes you’re reading a book, or watching a series, and then something just makes you go: “Yes. That. I need that.”? No? Well, get ready then, because this post is nothing but an entire list of exaclty that. Fictional gifts. Either to your friends – or just to yourself!

Hermione’s Beaded Handbag

So here’s the thing: ever since I’ve started work, I’ve had a no-stop shoulder ache. I have two days where I need to have breakfast and lunch in school, and one where I’m basically non-stop from 8 in the morning until 10 at night. That’s three meals I need to take with me. Add in all my manuals, my laptop, my water bottle, a book, my wallet, and all the things. Basically, I feel like I’m carrying half my life around half of the time.

(c) Harry Potter Wikia

And as it turns out? I’m not the only one that feels that way – you just need so much stuffAll the time! So yes, Hermione’s bag would be gold. A bag which allows you take along all your stuff, be able to just call for whatever you need. (I mean, who hasn’t spent at least 5 minutes for just that one thing in their bag or purse?) And of course: that magical feather light charm. I need that in my life, stat.

(Other options from the HP-world? Time turners, so you can finally get all my work done ànd catch up on sleep. An invisibility cloak, for when you need some alone time. A remember-all, so you always know that you forgot something, even if you have no idea exactly what that is. Heck, the entirety of Hogwarts would be great!)

Flying shoes

Anybody who ever read Percy Jackson probably wanted these at some point, right? Realistically, no one should ever give them to me, though. My hand-eye coordination is iffy at best. My balance? Certainly not something to write home about.

But, you know… Freakin Hermes gave them to his kids. So what if one of them chose to use it for evil? It’s still flying shoes. From Greek mythology.

Sonic screwdriver

I mean, this has got to be useful right? And I always wondered just how much exactly a sonic screwdriver could do. There’s got to be a limit, but what fun it would be to try it out and push it a bit!

(c) Funnyjunk

Ring to Narnia

The Magician’s Nephew is, if you follow the internal chronology  of the series, is technically the first book and it details the origins of the entire world that is Narnia. In that book, there is no Aslan to magically call the Pevensie-children or anyone else to Narnia. No, those rings can do that all by themselves. And, quite frankly? I would really love to go see what that world looks like. I spent so much time dreaming of it, I would love to see the reality.

Oh, and if nothing else? One of those magical wardrobes would do perfectly fine as well, thank you very much 🙂

Another possibility? That book from The Voyage of the Dawn Threader that keeps showing you different stories and possibilities and spells. That sounds amazing.

Do you know of any other fictional items that would make amazing gifts? Or any in particular that you really, really want? Be sure to let me know below!

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