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Holiday Decorations

There’s probably nothing I love more than coming home to a place that’s all decked out in holiday decorations. The colours, the fairy lights, the everything… I love it!

This year, I got to put up my Christmas tree on November 12th. And you know what? That’s a huge deal for me. You see, my dad has this ridiculous rule that no Christmas decorating should happen before all the other holidays have gone by. Unfortunately, in Belgium, the last holiday before Christmas is December 6th. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like having only 19 days to really enjoy your Christmas decorations (or 32, if you do things the right way and keep them until January 6th), is just no where near enough.


This year, because I finally had a Christmas tree of my own, I could get the decorations started earlier – like, way earlier – than ever before. So of course I took absolute advantage of that! On November 11th, all my decorative printables were switched out for Christmas ones. A day later, the Christmas transformation was complete.

(If you’re wondering, a post on my favourite decorative Christmas printables is coming up this friday!)

So here’s a nice and quick overview of what, to me, makes the perfect Christmas decoration!

1. Printables

This is actually a relatively new element as far as Christmas decorations go, for me, but it’s quickly become vital. Putting a few, nicely framed, printables here and there just creates some instant-coziness.


And of course, the fact that you get to have a cheat sheet for Santa’s reindeers? Just that much the better!

2. The Christmas Tree

So, I guess I probably should’ve put this one on the first spot, because this one is the decoration to end all decorations. If you don’t have a tree, I’m very sorry, but it probably won’t be feeling very Christmas-sy. (I say probably, because maybe you’re just awesome at decorating in other ways – in which case: show me your magic!)


Anyways, I love the actual activity of decorating the Christmas Tree probably as much as I love enjoying it afterwards. I mean, it’s something we all do together, with Christmas music playing in the background, while singing along, and it’s just… It’s one of those few times when we still really all get to do something together, you know? Nothing can really beat that. Well – maybe the smell of pine tree that then welcomes you every single time you open the front door, but, you know… 🙂

3. Fairy lights

Now, of course you need some of these in your Christmas tree. However, don’t forget to also put them – basically – everywhere else. I mean, they’re just perfect for decorating your book shelves, to light up that dark nook next to your tv, and any place else, really! If fairy lights can’t cosy your place up, probably nothing can!


(and in case you still hadn’t noticed: I quite like fairy lights, you know?)

4. An advent calendar

Now, this could be one of those amazing chocolate ones, or one that you made yourself. Or even, as we have each year, just one that counts down the Sundays until Christmas! No matter, having something physical to represent the wait to Christmas dwindling down is necessary.


Source: Classic FM
Source: Classic FM

(As a matter of fact, this is quite often done in the form of a wreath!)

5. The tiny touches

So, you’ve put up your Christmas tree, you have your fairy lights and printables, and maybe you’ve even gone as far so as to add (or make!) an advent calendar. But it still doesn’t really feel like Christmas. And this is where all the tiny touches come in! A Christmas stable here, a stocking there – some random Christmas decoration on your mantel top, … Some soft Christmas music playing, the smell of some amazing holiday drinks… That’s what really makes it feel like Christmas – as soon as you walk into a home!


At least, that’s what I think.. Be sure to let me know how you decorate for the holidays below!

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