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Last Minute Gift Guide

We’ve all been there, right? You start buying gifts in August, you think you’re all set around the end of November… And then suddenly, it’s almost Christmas and you realise you forgot something. Or even worse: someone. And you don’t really have enough time to go out and look for a big, perfect gift but you do want to give something that is personalised enough that it is clear you really put some effort into it. Now, that’s exactly what I use this last minute gift guide for!

The (semi-) useful & cute

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Basically, if you can give me something that’s both cute ├ánd useful? Chances are I will love you forever. Or at least I will give you a very tight hug. Either’s possible, at this point ­čÖé

1. Cute, festive pyjamas: You could even DIY these if you wanted to! There’s so many cute pyjamas that are nice and festive. The best thing? Buying someone PJ’s is a lot safer than buying them, for example, jeans or shirts. And of course: why not add a fun print yourself? (Boohoo)

2. Homemade┬ácandles: fun fact, when I was about 12, I once made mini-candles in shells. All we had to do, was melt other candles into shells we had collected on the beach earlier that day. These are slightly more sophisticated than those were, but I mainly just wanted to point out that making your own candles? Or presenting them in such a way that they become a┬álot more special? Not actually┬áthat hard. And it looks special enough, that whomever you’re gifting this to, will be in awe that you went through all that trouble for them! (Floating candlesTea cup candles)

3. Done up china: everyone needs a mug or a little dish to hold stuff, right? And again: its actually quite easy to turn these into so much more than what they originally were. And, also… Once you’ve got the process down? Just think of all the cute, practical gifts you could create! (Glitter mugsRing dish)

4. Adventure journal: if your giftee has a hobby – whether it be reading, traveling, having a huge bucket list, … This is the perfect gift to get them. You bling up an old notebook and turn it into something just for them. And of course, luckily there’s pinterest for eternal inspiration on how to make the ultimate bucket list-book, a reading-log or an adventure journal! (Mod Podge)

5. DIY Soap pump: or, really, anything out of mason jars. Basically, they’re awesome, versatile, and lend themselves to being turned into just about anything. You know, if you’ve just got the patience – and the online how-to ­čÖé (Creative Green Living)

The eatable

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Okay, so this category was sort of doubly inspired. On the one hand, there’s a pretty old Brooklyn and Bailey-video that mentioned in my first ever DIY-gifts post, on the other hand, there’s a more recent video by Blair Blogs where she explains how she sets up gift packages. Both of them made me realise (remember?) that these are actually perfect if you’re in a pinch for a Christmas present. My favourite way to do this? I combine a gift card of some sort with a food package. Also known as: how to make it look as if you put way more thought into a gift(card) than you actually did…

1. Tea Mug: as in a mug (which you could personalise, see above!) which is filled with all types of tea and tea-accessories! (Finding Zest)

2. Hot Cocoa basket: because who doesn’t love some hot cocoa around this time of year, right? (Tomkat)

3. Cookie in a Jar: the classic of all food gifts, especially the last couple of years. And the best thing: I usually have all of the things necessary for such a gift? Right in my cabinets! (Very Best Baking)

4. DIY Cocktail Kit: sure, you need to make sure whoever will be receiving this doesn’t get the wrong idea (i.e. you think of alcohol when you think of them). That being said, if you’ve got something of a cocktail aficionado in your gift-giving circle? This could be really fun, and is of course completely adaptable to whatever cocktail(s) they like best! (Distillerista)

5. The pre-packaged: if you’ve got a friend with a bit sweet-tooth or a known love of salty snacks, you can always go even easier: you just give them the ultimate care-package of whatever their favourite snacks are. You just find yourself a nice-looking basket, some tissue paper to have some height-differences and to make it look nicer and, voila, you have yourself a gift!

Oh, and for some tips on how to make these a bit better-looking as you gift them? Again, let me just point you straight towards Blair Lamb, who is pretty darn good at packaging, apparently!

The caring

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Or, more precisely: the packages to help other people care for themselves ­čÖé

1. Homemade scrubs: few things feel better than your skin just after you’ve scrubbed it. At least – that’s my opinion. And, as a scrub is quite a treatment for your skin, it’s always better to go natural. So why not make it yourself, and gift it to others? (Lemon ScrubPeppermint Scrub)

2. DIY Sheet Mask: whether you’re giftee is acne prone or needs some extra moisture for their skin, you can quite easy make a mask or specifically a sheet mask yourself. And if you’re already making them, why not create some extra – or just put together a set so they can do it themselves?┬áWith instructions, of course! (Hello Glow)

3. Spa basket: why keep it at a homemade scrub, really, if you could go full out and give someone an entire homemade spa basket? From the scrubs to the lotions, there are few things you can’t make at home – especially if you have some essential oils lying around! (Popsugar)

What are some of your favourite last minute gifts that you either have received or have given? Be sure to let me know below, as I’m always good for some extra inspiration! And of course, while you’re here why not go check out the rest of this year’s blogmas, as well as all my other Christmas content?