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My Goals for 2019

No New Year’s Resolutions for me. No Sir, no way. That’s for a very good reason, though. 2019 will be overwhelming. You know how some years, you’ve got the time to grow, and then others, you’re just thrown along in the stream? Yes, well, I’m fully expecting 2019 to be the second kind. So I’m not setting myself resolutions. No need to put that extra pressure on myself. I am, however, giving myself a couple of goals. Goals I hope to achieve, goals I need to achieve, and then a big one – that terrifies me – and has a deadline. Here’s my goals for 2019!


1. Eat vegetarian at least one day a week

2. Eat carbs-free at least one day a week

3. Exercise (specifically) 2 times a week

The first two I already do, those are more so about continuing those. The third one, well, that’s more so “not just move everyday” but to get me back into doing specific workouts. Because, you know, I actually do tend to like those. When I can get myself to do them, at least 🙂


1. Go 1 month without buying books

2. Start courses for a new diploma/certificates/…

3. Read 5 non-fiction books

Because, you know… I don’t have enough shelves and I get bored really easily?


1. Buy a house

2. Move into the house

3. Don’t FREAK

Oh yeah. The deadline. It’s a long story, I’m bloody terrified, it’s slightly earlier than we had planned on, but, yeah. We’re looking to buy a house. Send some good vibes my way, okay? I’m at *regular* panic attacks about it at this point. Not the actual house – just the whole “don’t know what to do – why isn’t there a rule book about this – I am not adult enough to do this – can I get some supervision over here – yikes that’s a lot of money – dangit now I have to be a grown up”-thing. It’s been a fun couple of weeks, let me tell you!


What are your goals for 2019? Have you set yourself any resolutions? Be sure to let me know below!