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The Second Sunday of Christmas

And suddenly, a whole another week of the holiday season has come and gone! And what you know: as I’m writing this, I’m finally getting to the point where I feel some holiday-spiriti. About time, right, at this second Sunday of Christmas?

Work and work and work

Yes, we’re still at this – I think this week I actually reached, like 60+ working hours? Fun times, seriously. Long live end of term-exams at the start of January, which means all my students, both in college and for my coachees. Combine that with increasing amounts of correcting (because, right, permanent assessment is a thing, yay) and I’ve certainly had my work cut out for me. Fun times, right?

More preparations

Where, last weekend, I went for my second dress-fitting, this weekend, we went to buy our wedding rings. And that was after we’d celebrated the one year-anniversary of our engagement by finalising our menu and having dinner at the room where our wedding celebration will take place… Things are certainly starting to feel more real, now, and it’s actually kind of helping me to feel more Christmassy, you know?

Christmas stuff

In the realm of feeling more Christmassy, I was still pretty much lacking in that regards until Saturday. Detangling over 50m of Christmas lights while shouting Christmas music in 5°C weather was pretty much a guarantee for that. Add to that going to a Christmas market with some friends and watching Eloise at Christmas time with more friends, … That today, for the first time, I can honestly say I’m kind of looking forward to the holidays!

What have you been up to in this past week? Any particular highlights, or things that made you feel all warm and glowy inside? Be sure to let me know below!