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Weekly Lists #172: Series Cancelled Before Their Time

You know the drill, right? There’s this series. And it’s absolutely amazing. So you spend some time enjoying it. Bingeing it, even, maybe. And then – suddenly, you reach that horrible message: no more episodes. So you start to google: when will the new season be out? Are they even filming it yet? And that’s when it sinks in – that horrible, defeating truth: there’s nothing. This glorious series, cancelled before its time. Gone too soon. Anyway – enough of the drama, here’s 5 series that I think got cancelled way too soon!

1. Perception

If you ever need the perfect mixture of psychology, detective and a main character that is both problematic and so incredibly in need of a cuddle? This is 100% the show for you. The fact that it got cut after only 3 seasons when, honestly, there were so many possibilities that the show could have delved into? Shame.

2. Happy Endings

You know how every single show works towards a wedding, right? Well, this show kind of takes that and turns it upside down. Or, well, it shows us what happens after that wedding is planned – and then abandoned. Honestly, I thought Friends was good – this show was better. Which makes it just completely inexcusable that there’s only 3 seasons!

3. Marvel’s Agent Carter

While I like super hero movies, I often find myself a bit bored with them about half way through. I’m sorry, but it’s true. This series, though? This series fitted so perfectly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at the same time, it stood out so perfectly. The intrigues, the insight into the office politics, … They mix together so perfectly that it’s an actual disgrace that they will make an umpteenth Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but they won’t give this series a third season!

4. Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World was one of my all time favourite series as a kid. So, naturally, when I heard that it would get a sequel of sorts in Girl Meets World? I was happy. The word thrilled might even be used. That was not, however quite my reaction when I heard that this sequel would be cancelled. After only three seasons. Honestly, what is it with three seasons and great shows not making it past that?

5. Galavant

If you ever feel in need of something with humor, history, and of course: singing? This series is your thing. You’ll have to find peace with the fact that after 2 seasons you’ll be left with a curious aching for more singing knights. I’ve not yet found anything to quite replace the experience – or even to fill the whole. But oh well…

Bonus: One Day At a Time

Also known as: the series that inspired this post. Sure, as I’m writing this, there’s still a chance that another network might pick it up. However, nothing can make up for the fact that this amazing series, which touched upon so many important subjects in such a respectful manner? Got canceled. Because it didn’t have enough viewers. And then got booted straight to the most used hashtag on Twitter.

What series do you think got cancelled before their time? Any you think I should let break my heart? Be sure to let me know below!