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Weekly Lists #153: 5 Soundtracks To Get You Pumped

I don’t know about you, but one of the main things I like about watching movies, is the soundtrack. I’ve been doing music in some way or form since I was 2 – appartently I did a pretty good “oooo” to a local kids’ song “In de disco”. Either way, music is a big thing for me. When I’m stressed, it can relax me, when I’m down it can get me back up… And if you asked me for any recommendations. These are some¬†excellent soundtracks to get you pumped!

1. Hamilton

Okay, so I didn’t specify whether that pumped would be in a good or bad way. And for this one, there is definitely a couple of songs that may have you ending up in tears. But, you know, apart from that? Great listening to get all hyped!

2. Spirit

Look, this is a movie about a horse that gets freedom. And manages to thwart all his adversaries while doing so. And even if you don’t know the story? The music has just that kind of “lift” and “I’m getting there after all!” feel to it that I need in certain moods. Not quite “I’m doing the jive”-pumped, I know. But ready for action, combat and being free? Absolutely!

3. Gladiator

Another one of those soundtracks that might make you cry at times – I know that this scene, at least, tends to do that for me. However, have you ever heard Earth? Or The Battle? Let me tell you – you need to get in the mood to fight something unfair? To face a hard day? To meet an unwilling client? Maybe battle an entire country? This is your tune.

4. Peter Pan

Now, I’ll freely admit that this one might just be me. However, if I need to get my positive energy up? Flying and I Do Believe in Fairies from Peter Pan are two of my absolute favourites.

5. Pirates of the Carribean

Story time: each year in high school we would have these school performances where everyone could do a dance, a song, an act, and parents, friends, etc. could come and look at us. One year, and I do believe this is the only time they actually had to do this, a limit was imposed. A limit on the amount of numbers that could use the theme of PotC. If I’m not mistaken, no less than 7 groups had chosen this song.¬†7. I still don’t know if that is why, but, you know… If I want to get pumped up, feel like I’m in high school again and of course: imagine myself being every bit as awesome as Elisabeth Swan? This is the go to-option.

And there you have it, 5 soundtracks to get you pumped! What soundtracks do you listen to when you need that little bit of extra energy and purpose to your step? Be sure to let me know below!