Unorganisation: The Bane of My Existence – Or Not

This is another post I’m writing for the Bookending Spring 2019 Event, and quite frankly… It’s probably a subject I should’ve spoken about long before this. After all, throughout high school, college, and even now, in my working life? Unorganisation is something of a common thread. So let’s get into Charvi’s prompt, over at Not Just Fiction, and talk about whether or not it actually is the bane of my existence!


First of all, I feel like I need something of a disclaimer. Throughout the years, there have been a certain number of posts on this blog talking about organisation. And then, of course, there’s the planner tours, the  updated planner tours, the bookshelf tours, the updated bookshelf tours… All of those might not necessarily scream “this is an unorganised person” to you.

But here’s the real truth of the matter: I get bored very easily. I will set up this system, whether it be a bujo, a planner, an agenda… Whether I organise my books by genre, by author, by series… I’ll have this entire, usually complicated and well-thought out, thing going on.

And then, a month or something later? I get bored of it. Or I don’t push it through. And things slowly descend into their usual madness again. It’s just part of who I am, honestly.

For the longest time, I thought the fact that I could never hang on to a system, or a method of organisation, meant I was failing. That I wasn’t doing something right.

Through the years, though, I’ve come to realise that – while, certainly, being disorganised has its downsides – it’s a lot harder for me to live my life if I’m constantly trying to force myself into a structure.

Go around it… Or go through it?

You see, these methods of organisation? They work for a limited time. And during that time? Well, they work very well. However – and this is the big thing – life constantly changes. I constantly change. So why shouldn’t the way I organise myself (or don’t) not change as well.

What looks to many people as changing gears constantly, as setting up a system and then not following it true? It’s actually just me adapting to my circumstances.

And honestly? Yes, sometimes I just sink into complete unorganisation. But then again, it’s a sort of “organised chaos”. I know exactly what works for me and what doesn’t. And when it doesn’t. I’ve never in my life missed an important deadline, or really forgotten to hand something in. Or at least – not something that had any real long-lasting effects.

All in all, I’m a generally unorganised person. I’m aware of that. However, I also have developed a lot of ways to cope with that, or to work with that, not around it. Will I set up at least 50 different types of organisational systems in the next couple of years? Probably. Will they all, eventually, peter out? Most likely.

But I’m okay with that. I’m good with my little bubble of unmitigated, semi-unorganised chaos. It’s served me well so far, and I’ve no reason to doubt it will as well in the future.

Where do you land on the scale of unorganisation, actually? Is it the bane of your existence? Or is it something that you’ve learned to move with? Be sure to let me know below, and of course, feel free to check out all of my – temporary – organisation posts!