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Weekly Lists #157: 5 Soundtracks To Get You To Relax

You know how, sometimes, you’re taking a rest and you need… A soundtrack? For that moment? Something to get your brain to slow down a bit, to get your muscles away from their current, tense, state? A bit of music, maybe? Well, then… Have I got something for you! Here’s 5 soundtracks to get you to relax – effect (just about) guaranteed!


1. Narnia

And this isn’t even just the soundtrack – this is basically a “best off” to get you right in that relaxed mood. Also, it probably helps that I can basically imagine the different scenes from the movie as it’s playing. Just what I need to relax!

2. Pride and Prejudice

Fight me on this one. Pride & Prejudice has one of the best soundtracks ever written. Not only does it narrate the story as a whole beautiful music track. No, it also somehow manages to be perfect for just about any time I need to wind down. Or I’m very stressed. But, like. Really really stressed.

3. The Holiday

This one is a classic for me. Quite possibly? The soundtrack that first made me realise how good these can be. Also maybe the first one that I would have on repeat as I was falling asleep. Yes, the entire thing. Yes, I can actually sing along to all instrument-parts of most tracks on this soundtrack. And, also yes: I can probably tell you the name of just about every single track on this. What can I say – if it’s good? It’s good.

4. Hugo

Okay, this is a personal thing, but I find the sound of clocks really calming. Well, most times at least. So for that reason alone, this track could be in this list. However, when I was watching this movie for the first time, just a few months ago, I distinctly remember thinking that I loved the music. And that effect has just sort of stayed with me, I guess… 🙂

5. Forrest Gump

Look, I love this movie. And this tune? The minute I hear it, it’s basically as something inside of me just unwinds. What more do you need from relaxing soundtracks, really? 🙂

And, finally, an honorable mention should go to this song:

I don’t know why, but from the entire Love Actually-soundtrack? This is the one that stuck with me…

Anyways, do you have any soundtracks that are just perfect for when you need to relax? Be sure to let me know below!