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Weekly Lists #176: Favourite Instagram Accounts

As this is the last Weekly Lists for 40 Days of Blogging, I figured I’d do something a bit different. So no books, today, but some of my favourite instagram accounts. Whether I love them because of their personality, because of their theme or just plain old because of their beautiful photographs? These are the accounts I cannot recommend enough!

1. Hello Miss Jordan


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If you’re in the need for happy colours, great locations and beautiful fashion? Then Hello Miss Jordan is the Instagram account for you. She offers all of those things, and tops them off with a great personality – both her own, and the one that shines through in her pictures!

2. The Hels Project


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Great taste in books, soft colours and the kind of feed that makes me dream away in a sort of Jane Austen-ish book-country. The Hels Project-feed is the thing bookstagram-dreams are made of, honestly!

3. Follow Me Away Travel


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If I’d been dreaming away at the previous two accounts, then Follow Me Away Travel is pure escapism. This couple travels the world and is, honestly, goals in their skill, both as photographers and bloggers. Oh, and Victoria does some of the funnest InstaStories I’ve seen around! And what’s even better? They have more than one account!

4. Merel Journals


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While boulet journaling is – right now, at least – just not for me? Merel Journals‘ feed always makes me wish I could do it. Or that I had even the slightest artistic bone in my body, actually!

5. Sab Wanderlust Photos


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You know those pictures that make you sure the British Isles must just be the most amazing place to live, just because, well… Architecture? Yes, well, that’s the thing the Sab Wanderlust Photos-feed is made of.

Of course, there’s basically an ever-expanding world of Instagram accounts out there, that I have yet to discover. So, if you have any accounts you follow and love? Be sure to let me know below!