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52 Goals August Update

So I need this year to slow down because, quite frankly, I’m not ready for it to be the fall yet. And I’ve been looking forward to fall aproximately since February. Here’s my 52 goals august update!

1. Personal

So we moved this month. We rented our last appartement, which got sold. The new owner wanted to live there herself – totally within her rights, of course. She probably could’ve phrased it better than “hey, I’m your new house owner. Btw, leave.” Not a direct citation, but that was the gest of it.

Apart from moving, I spend another big part of this month in England and Wales – I’ve been wanting to visit Wales for ages, and I’m so glad we finally got to go there. It turned into an “entire family” kind of thing. The last time we all went away for more than just a weekend together, was probably the summer before I started college. So there’s that. It was amazing. And we even visited Hay-on-Wye!

2. Books

Now if any of you go: what on earth is “Hay-on-Wye”? It’s this village on the border between Wales and England. And basically – it’s an entire village made up of book shops. It was my personal heaven, and it also resulted in me buying a lot of books. Then again, like half of them only cost me 1-2 pounds, so how could I not? 😀

Fun fact, by the way: two of my main goals for this year – to read 100 books and to post at least one review every month – have officially been reached! I’m actually already well on my way to 150 books (especially if you count the fanfictions. Without those I’m only at, like, 110 or something). And I think I’ve written about double the amount of reviews I set myself as a goal already. That leaves 4 more months to write more of them! Yay!

3. School / work

So in August I handed in what should be my last ever paper for school. That’s terrifying. As evidenced in my How To Survive Graduation series, I’m not really dealing all too well with that entire concept. Basically, it’s too many questions, not enough answers, and an overlaying feeling that, really, I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.

That’s also my main goal for the rest of the year. Learn to be okay with not knowing, and maybe try to figure some stuff out after all. Also, get a job. I hate not being able to do something productive with my days, and right now, nothing feels productive.

4. Blog

My blog crashed, I lost approximately 5 posts because my last update was 2 weeks old and I couldn’t post anything for a week. Also, for some reason there was a sort of glitch which resulted in all my blogposts being posted as “private”, and I didn’t realise it until I got almost zero views for an entire week.

Basically, I’m still alive, so is the blog. Both of those could use a “kinda”. And if nothing else, fall is near, and fall always makes me happier. Apart from the fact that, this year, I’m nowhere near where I might have wanted to be at this point of the year.

Great fun, as always. How have you been doing this year? Did you set yourself any goals? If so, are you making any progress on them? Be sure to let me know below!


52 Goals