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Weekly Lists #100: 5 Favorite Blogposts August

I mean, I don’t even know what to say anymore. It’s September. September. How on earth am I supposed to cope with that? I didn’t have time to prepare! at all! None the less, here are my 5 favorite blogposts, August edition!

1. On staying organized with your blog

Because, well… If the last month has shown me anything, it’s that it’s really important to be organized. So that, when your server crashes and then your blog itself starts going all wonky? You actually know what to do. And what posts to write. And so on and so forth 🙂

(Another great post, also from AGirlObsessed: How to practice self love – because people need to do this!)

2. Booknerd Bucket List

20 Things to Check Off Your Bucket List to Live Your Best Bookish Life

I mean, you know… I’m a book nerd. And I love (love) lists. And this combines that! Also: like half of them, I do on a yearly basis. So yay for that!

3. Books to help you understand, manage and overcome anxiety

3 lesser-known books to help you understand, manage, and overcome anxiety

Look, there’s such a large portion of society that struggles with some form of anxiety these days. And quite frankly, I’m a strong believer of “know thyne enemy”. So, if you’re struggling with anxiety, it might actually be useful to understand exactly how anxiety works, what it thrives off, how it can be managed…

4. Things learned from working at home

For many people, working from home seems to be this magical solve-all-things option. You’re home all the time! You get to sleep in! Maybe you’ll even stay in your jammies all day! But the reality is that, like everything, working from home can definitely have its downsides as well as its upsides. And sometimes it’s a good thing to see those listed as well!

5. Journey to Full-Time Blogging

My Journey to Full-Time Blogging

Because, let’s be real. Don’t we all wish this could be an option. I mean, realistically? Probably not. But on those days when your jobsearch seems to be going nowhere fast and you wish you could just simplify the whole process… No? Just me? Okay then 🙂

And there you have it, that’s 5 of my favourite blogposts from this last month! What blogs have you been loving? Be sure to let me know below, I could always use the recommendations!