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52 Goals June Update

So here’s the thing about this last month: it was too hot. I think at certain points you could basically scrape me off the floor, it was so hot. The government had to prohibit most use of water for things like grass, car, and so on and so forth. The last time that happened was years before I was even born, in 1976! So yeah, the main message? I melted. Other than that, here’s my 52 goals June update!

1. Personal

I feel like maybe I should tell you this again: I don’t deal well with the heat. I mean, not at all. I feel ill, I can’t get enough sleep, cooking and reading, both of which are usually things I really enjoy, just become impossible… Not even to mention the idea of sport.

However. And this is a huge however. I’ve walked hours upon hours, this last month. Basically, for me, it’s a way to relax, to put my head on “out” and just let myself be. I tend to do the thing where you walk slightly too fast so it burns just a little, and I love that feeling. Not as in “pain”, but as in “I’m doing something”.

I feel like that’s a good summary of me in general: I like pushing myself. I like that feeling when you know you reached something because you bloody well put your effort into it. Sometimes, yeah, sure, I may push myself too far in that. But that’s when I’m lucky that I have people around me that know when to tell me to take a break every once in a while.

Also, really random: I ate sushi exactly once this month, I ate pizza exactly once this month. And someone I used to tutor send me like 4 different types of tea, so now I’m well on my way for that goal as well 🙂

2. Books

Somehow, I’ve read 84 books and 10 fanfictions this year. That means I’m fairly sure I’m going to get to my reading goal. More importantly, though, I’ve found myself finishing books in a day again. I’ve been reading books I already owned. I’ve revisited books I’ve loved forever. Because a large part of my schoolwork is finally over, and I only have my internship left, now. Along with some tutoring, of course, but still. It’s allowed me to read again, and I’ve loved that.

Even if, for most of the month, it just felt plain old to hot to read.

3. School / work

What absolutely terrifies me, is that I’m about to enter the last two weeks of my internship. That means getting a job, even getting a job interview, is about to be reality. I’ve very consciously given myself a month after my internship where I don’t have to start worrying about that. I think it’s been 6 years since I’ve really had a decent summer break. You know, the kind where you don’t have to worry about re-taking an exam. About the courses I’m going to be taking, about the things I want to do for college.

In the mean time, I’m loving my journalism internship. And that is kind of a first-world-problem in its own right, because now I still don’t know whether I want to go into teaching or into journalism next year. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll just do it both. It’s what I’m used to, you know?

4. Blog

After my much-needed break during April and May, I feel like I can safely say I’m back on track with the blog this week. I find myself planning ahead again, I’m looking forward to making some changes as soon as my internship is gone, there’s book review(s) ready to go online… I didn’t really want to take a break – those two months, or really: ever. But I can see now, looking back, that I really needed that. It was best for the blog, in that way. Does that make any sense?

And there you have it, that’s my 2017 52 goals June update. It’s been a weird month, a heavy one as well. There’s been some doubts, some worries, some happiness. And a lot of heat. Here’s to us being over halfway to autumn! (I’m kidding, but really I’m not)

Be sure to let me know below how you’ve been doing with your goals, resolutions or “word” for the year! Have there been any setbacks? Are you looking forward to summer? I can’t wait to read your responses!


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