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52 Goals May Update

So let’s be real – the fact that there wasn’t an April-update for this series should really be enough of a clue as to how it’s been going. That being said… Let’s try and get it right this month! My 52 goals May update!

So to be nice and honest with you: these last couple of months, I’ve been absolute rubbish at getting my goals even anywhere near accomplished. Nights for myself? As if. Learning a language? Yeah right. Even the one I honestly I couldn’t see myself having any trouble with, posting at least 3 times a week? Failed miserably.

So how about you just assume I failed at everything except for the couple of things I’m going to discuss right now 🙂

On the personal front, about the only things I managed to keep going were the sporty thing at least 3 times a week and the cooking. Long live getting off the bus a stop early. Long live at-home-workouts. Long live Hello Fresh and there boxes that force me to cook new stuff every once in a while!

My reading has all but gone to naught, lately as well. I did get some fanfiction read – even if that was mainly only because I reread some of my favourite ones. I also read some nice fluffy things, because, wel… Escapism, you know? But yes, those classics, Dutch books and French books? Haven’t quite gotten there yet.

Same goes for my blog, actually. Although I did manage to get one post up on the blog I had to start last term. And I did manage to put up 3 posts a week on the blog I had to start up this term. But as you probably noticed, it’s been pretty quiet around here. School kicked my butt, and I’m only now getting back a sense of normality, what can I say…

Which of course leads us to the real evil do-er, here. School. That teaching internship. My masters’ dissertation. That journalism internship. At least for that first one, I’m well on my way to graduation. The second one I actually managed to finish. Talk about things I didn’t see coming 🙂 And then that last thing. I’m showing initiative, I think. I’m kicking butt, I hope. I’m also exhausted by the time I get home, every single night. So basically: progress might come. It might also have to wait a little longer.

There’s still a couple of exams to come, presenting my masters’ dissertation. 7 more weeks of journalism internship.

The idea makes me both really exited and really tired. But hey – 52 goals and a couple of ’em still up in the air? I could’ve done worse, right?


52 Goals