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Birthday Bookish Wishlist

Guess who’s another year older today! And totally OKAY with it. Not as if I feel like I wasted the last year to insecurities and stress and a constant looming threat of “people will find out how awful I really am and will never have a second for me again!”. Anyways. Here’s my birthday bookish wishlist!

1. Books

I mean, all the books, really. But specifically? The following:

  • Every single book by Mitch Albom
  • Every single book by Melissa Nathan
  • Both books by Hannah Witton
  • The Lin Manuel Miranda book on Hamilton (because reasons, duh)
  • The Disney Cook Book. Because… Food, obviously
  • And again: all the books.

2. Boxsets

This is one of those “ultimate dream”-things, you know. I honestly don’t expect anyone to actually ever get me this, but I can dream. Because, you know, Harry Potter saved me so many times, but I’ve only ever really read the books in Dutch. And half of my copies are in actual pieces. Because – again – I read them that often. So really, any set of HP-books would be great. But this one? Yeah, this one is *goals*.

Or, really, anything Beatrix Potter. She’s one of those authors that I have absolutely loved since just about forever. My sister had a Dutch translation of her collected works, and I cannot tell you how often I got into trouble for *borrowing* her copy. And sure, I have the English version of the collected works as well, but, you know… I can’t just bring that one along anywhere I go, can I? It’s a huge freaking tomb!

So, one of those things I’m *not quite embarassed* about, but that I would like to change? I’ve never managed to make my way through the Lord of the Rings books. Part of that was that I only ever really had access to them in their Dutch translation and that was just… Not necessarily an experience I wish to repeat. Regardless, though, even now that I do own a copy? I haven’t gotten to reading them yet. So I basically want to bribe myself into reading them by owning a gorgeous boxed set. Is that weird?

3. All the fluffiness

I try to have as much of a clutter-free home as I can, but still. There’s just some things that sound too good not to (secretly, or not-so-secretly) want. Such as there are…

Lange pyjama van ‘Harry Potter’                             WIT Lingerie maat s-xxl
Kiabi – also, why are there so little things that are Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? My ravenpuff heart is unsulted!

First of all, if you know me IRL, then chances are you’ve already seen me walking around in either one of my Harry Potter-pyjama’s, or in one of my Harry Potter-shirts. Because, yes, I’m that person. And also, I’m just here for everything comfortable. Such as there are: more Harry Potter pyjamas! And I don’t even own any HP-training pants yet. Like, what was I thinking?

Also, any Mickey Mouse fleeces or bedding? I won’t say no to that either!

4. Bookish things

There’s a very clear category, which I’ve mentioned quite often in my gift guides: board games in their bookish-renditions. Such as there are: the Harry Potter Clue, Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, …

That’s not all, though. For my Sinterklaas, last year, the bf got me a presse papier with the Hufflepuff crest on. Honestly? Maybe my favourite thing – useless-decoration-wise, that is – in the entire house.

Anyways, in general, I feel as if I’m a pretty easy person to give presents to, if nothing else because there will always be more books, you know? What would your bookish wishlist look like? Be sure to let me know below!