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Weekly Lists #193: Most Popular Blogposts

Look, I’m saying this knowing that the term “popular” is very relative, okay. I’m a small (tiny) blog at the best of times. None the less, there have been a couple of posts of mine that people seemed to love more than others. And why not take the week of my 4-year-blogiversary to look back on some of my most popular blogposts? (and yes, I got the idea for this one from The Confession of a Book Nerd!)

1. Gifts for the Narnia Lover

I didn’t know this before sitting down to write this post. But, apparently? Some of my most popular posts are my blog-mas posts! Which is fun, because, you know… They’re some of my favourite to write as well!

Another blogmas post that did quite well as well, was last year’s DIY Christmas decoration – I guess I’m not the only one that loves decorating for Christmas!

2. Book reviews: Vous Revoir

This was probably the feature on this list that surprised me most. Just because, you know… Out of all the reviews I’ve ever written? A French book wasn’t the one I necessarily I expected to most catch people’s fancy. But there we go none the less – and lets be real: it’s a pretty great book.

3. Weekly Lists: Must Read Jane Austen Retellings

I love Jane Austen – and apparently I’m not alone in that. Nor do I appear to be the only one in constant need of more of her stories – resorting to retellings if needs must be. And needs must be constantly!

Again, I have a second weekly list that I feel like I should mention in these most popular posts, and that’s the one on the gateway books to my favourite genres. Because, you know… I guess people like knowing this stuff? (I know I do, if nothing else!)

4. Fall Bucket List

In general, my bucket lists seem to do *quite okay*. This fall bucket list was no exception – rather, it was the confirmation of that rule. And who can blame me for being happy about that – after all, that’s good motivation to write more of these!

5. How to survive anxiety

Fun fact: this is the first one that I can remember doing fairly well on Pinterest. And it certainly got more comments than I had been expecting by far.

That’s basically it for some of my most popular blogposts, had you already read any of these? What type of posts do you like most? Be sure to let me know below!


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