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Tags #11: The Blog Friendship Booklet

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Belgium, we have these things called “Friendship books”. Basically, they were these books that you handed to your friends, that they would have to fill in. All sorts of information really, but some of the classics were “how old are you”, “how tall are you”, “what colour are your eyes”, “what’s your favourite animal”… You know the type of questions: get to know each other on the most basic level. Last week, I came across a post on a Dutch blog that basically did the same thing. I couldn’t resist: this is basically pure nostalgia for me! This is my [blog] Friendship Booklet!

My name is


Date of birth

August 23

Place of birth



Almost 24

Do you have any brothers / sisters

Yep, sisters, two of them, even!

How tall are you?

Last time I measured (which, granted, was like 8 years ago), I came in at about 1,76m. Converted, that should be something like 5’7.

Are you in love / engaged / married?

The first ?

I study / I work as…

It kind of overlaps right now: I study Journalism, and I’m currently doing my internship for that!

My hobbies are…

Reading. Obviously
Anything music.
Writing (Hence this blog ?)

My favourite TV-show is…

All time favourite: Friends Current favourite: probably Anne with an E.

My favourite food is…/

Pizza. Spaghetti. Sushi. Lasagna. Wok. Salads.
I just really like food, okay?

I’m good at…

Not knowing what to reply to a question like this?

I hate…

People that break their promises. People that are always late. Too much sun in a short period of time. Being lonely.

When I grow up, I want to be…

More confident?

My biggest wish is…

To get to do what I love doing and be paid for it.

My favourite blog is…

Blair blogs and Overstuffed Blog. Nothing like what I blog about, really, but I love the way they write!

My blogging dream is…

See “My biggest wish” ?

My best tip for blogging is…

Take your time, give yourself a break every once in a while, do it because you love it.

My life’s motto is…

Either “Almost there” – you can always get better, but you should also appreciate how far you’ve already come.
Or “To live would be an awfully big adventure” – because, well… Peter Pan. And Hook. And Robin Williams

My favourite beauty product is…


In case you were curious: yes, I’m actually serious with that last one… Have you ever done something like this? Did you have these types of friendship books in elementary school? Be sure to let me know below!