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A day in the life: Teacher edition (part1)

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was about yee high. I know I can’t actually show you how high yee is. But I don’t doubt for a second you can imagine. And since October, I acutally am. A teacher, that is. So for the past 5 months I’ve had two types of days. Either I’m at school the entire day, or I’m at home the entire day. And because I quite like reading other people’s day in the life-posts? I figured I’d make them too – two, because believe me: the days go vastly different!

Quick note: this schedule may start about one or two hours later depending on what hour I’m supposed to start teaching. For authenticity’s sake, I figured I would just take my current Monday-schedule, so this is what I’m doing as you’re reading this!

Getting up

6:00: the alarm goes off. I drink whatever amount of water is left in my bottle, jump out of bed and go to the bathroom. Splash some ice cold water in my face and try to ignore the fact that it’s freezing. I get the bf up if he has work or classes and throw on my clothes (that I’ve put ready the night before).

6:30: I wash my face, put some moisturizer on, brush my hair and my teeth. If I’m in the mood, I might just put on some mascara. I put my food into a little cooler bag and fill up my bottle of water. Again, if the bf has work or classes, I wait for him to get his bag. Shoes on, coat on, last check I have everything with me.

7:00: If the bf has work, he drops me off at my school first, if not I walk to the tram, take the tram to the trainstation, take the train, walk a little bit longer and finally: arrival.

The actual day

8:00: I eat my breakfast that I packed – usually some chopped up food with greek yoghurt, maybe a slice of bread with some chocolate paste. I go to my first room, start up the computer and take one last look at what I prepared for the first class of the day – in this case: French.

8:30: The first class starts. After about an hour I give my students a brief break – at this point, there’s usually a collective run for the coffee machine. I answer any questions that might be asked. Another hour of classes and I get a brief break.

10:30: Either I walk to the teacher’s lounge to fill up my bottle and then to my next room for my next two-hour class, or I get two hours to prepare my next classes.

12:45: Lunch break. Anywhere between 12 and 14 most teachers get an hour off and we all meet in the teacher’s lounge. Lunch takes maybe 15 minutes, the rest is spent talking to colleagues, maybe comparing notes on some students or courses… I usually try to get some reading in to make sure I get my head back at zero before I have to get back to all the noise. I fill up my water bottle and get to my next class room where I, again, start up the computer and make sure I know exactly what I’m doing when.

13:45: My next class starts. In this case, either Dutch or English. This is usually a pretty fun, interactive class. Same structure as always: one hour’s class, 10 minute break, another hours class. 15 minute break and then I do the exact same thing with the B-group. An hour’s class, a 15 minute break and an hour’s class. If I get lucky, I get a chance to go fill up my water bottle or grab a hot chocolate during the break. Usually, I’m not that lucky 🙂

18:00: Closing down everything, making sure I’ve got all my stuff. If the bf’s working, walk to the car park where he’s usually already waiting for me. If not, walk to the train station, take the train, take the tram, walk home.

Slowing down

19:00: Drop all my stuff as soon as I walk in the door, change into my Harry Potter-pants and fuzzy socks. I start cooking while me and the bf catch up on how each other’s day has been. At this point, he’s probably doing some clean up, maybe washing some dishes or just getting in my way.

19:45: Put on a nice show – Pointless is a recurring one, although we’ve been enjoying a lot of Jane Austen-adaptations as well. Once I’m done eating, get out my laptop and see if any mails from work came in. If not, I try to get a head’s start on any correcting I have to do, any classes I need to prepare, …

22:00: Hopefully start winding down – I try to drink at least 1l of water between dinner and going to bed. Maybe I’ll make myself a warm cup of milk with some honey. If I have a book going, Ill try and read a couple of chapters – occasionally that turns into two books, but I’m trying to avoid that scenario these days 🙂 If I have work the next day, this is the point where I make my bag, prepare my food for the following day, …

23:00 Get in bed, put some moisturizer on, check Instagram and Twitter. Play a really stupid game, fall asleep.

And then I do it all again the next day! Or, if I don’t have to be in school the next day? Well, that’s what you’ll read all about tomorrow!