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Monthly Updates #9: April Music

So April’s been going for a bit over a week now, and so far it’s been quite the productive month!
I got some work on my masters’ thesis done, made a presentation, got a new Instagram account (which you should totally go check out!) visited 3 countries in as many days, and of course: listened to some music…

So let’s get started!

1. Arirang Alone, So Hyang


I got this from my sister, who got it from my other sister, and I completely fell in love with it. As far as I know, it’s originally a Korean folk song which was “slightly” edgy-fied for this rendition, and to me, it feels like what I imagine a phoenix’ song might sound like. This singers’ voice has an uncanny ability to take you along in whatever emotion she’s expressing and in this song, that’s mainly hope.
And who could have anything against hope?

2. Opzij, Opzij, Opzij, Herman Van Veen

For anybody who hasn’t lived in Belgium or in the Netherlands in the last, like, 20 years, this song will probably seem mad. For anybody who has – it’s genius.
This song basically talks about the “fast, faster, fastest”-spirit that seems to have held the western world in its grip for the past century, almost, and that spirit is perfectly mimicked in the actual song itself. The tempo, the canon-effect, and of course, this most genius of all phrases which is almost impossible to pronounce because it’s said so fast:

We moeten rennen springen vliegen duiken vallen opstaan en weer doorgaan

We have to run, jump, fly, dive, fall, get up and keep moving on

3. Fight Song, Rachel Platten

I’m definitely aware that I’m, like, 5 months late to the party, but a couple of weeks ago I discovered the Cimorelli-cover of this song (which, by the way, is also totally worth a watch!) and was like “oh, cute song – next”. Then, last week, I went to Cologne for the day with some friends and this song came on the radio in its original version.
Suffice it to say, I loved it, and have since listened to it ad nauseum!
This one really just has such a great message, of not giving up, of keeping on fighting, even when no one believes you can, and with some stuff that’s been going on lately, I definitely could use a bit more of that message!

4. Change Your Life, Little Mix

For some reason, I didn’t really discover Little Mix until this past summer, but boy have I caught up on that! If I need a Random Dance Party (and please tell me that you got that reference!) they are always my go to group! It used to be that I mainly loved Wings, but lately I’ve been having a repeated listen of this one as well 🙂

5. This Is Home, Bryan Lanning

So I guess I’ve mentioned how much (too much) I watch youtube often enough for me to safely assume that you’re all perfectly aware of it by now. Bryan Lanning is actually the “dad” from Daily Bumps, and it’s through their daily vlogs that I first encountered his music.
I have to admit, my love for this song might have something to do with how often it’s featured in their videos, but still, I just love this song!
And there you have it, my favourite songs from this past month! What have you been listening to? Any tips for me to listen to next? Be sure to let me know below!