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Monthly Updates #5: March Music

It’s the second Saturday of the month, and that means it’s time again to talk about what I’ve been listening to these last couple of weeks!

Now, just a month ago, this post consisted, basically, of just women. And in last week’s weekly list, I talked about some of my favourite soundtracks – ‘cuz, yes, I actually listen to a lot of soundtracks.

This month, though, there’s actually a bit more variation – or, well, let’s just face it:it’s random as anything!

1. Stone Cold, Demi Lovato

Now, I know I said this list was more varied, but this song did get its official video since I wrote last month’s list, and after hearing about it for the first time on Clevver (because, even though it’s been out for months, obviously this is the first time I ever even heard about it) I basically fell in love with it.
(Also, seriously, can we just get the hugest amount of respect for her vocals?)

2. Don’t Stop Believing, Journey

So, you know how there’s these songs that you know, but you aren’t actually aware of them until you hear them on some show? That was basically me with this song, when I first heard it covered on Glee (I say “first”, because I honestly lost track of how many times they covered it). Basically, I love this song, I know the lyrics maybe even too well, and, well, the styling of the band in this video is just something else, really…

3. Pastorale, Ramses Shaffy and Liesbeth List

Now, the description of this one called it “one of the most beautiful Dutch songs ever”, and I have to say: I really do agree with that. It’s basically song by the sun (the male voice), who claims everything revolves around him (yes, that pun is actually present in Dutch as well), in a duet by a woman who loves the sun. Ramses Shaffy is one of those “institutions” in Dutch music, and this song is only one of the reasons he is (I actually had to seriously restrict myself not to also add “We zullen doorgaan” (We will carry on) and “Zing Vecht Huil Bid Lach Werk en Bewonder” (Sing, Fight, Cry, Pray, Laugh, Work and Admire) (and yes, that’s the actual title!)

4. Shy, Carol Burnett, Once Upon a Mattress

Now, before you say anything, yes I’m aware that this song is slightly mad – but here’s the thing, my sister showed me this with the words “this would be perfect for you to sing” (because a) I take singing classes and b) I can sing quite loudly) ), so now I’m singing it, and for some reason, the best way for me to learn any music (be it for singing or for the violin) is by listening to it on repeat.
(Plus: this performance by Carol Burnett is just genius)

5. Einstein Brain, Admiral Freebee

So, weekend for me is usually mainly studying with a soundtrack – again, that soundtrack is quite varied, it has Demi Lovato in it, but also The Killers, Macklemore and Imagine Dragons. And, of course, this song! This is really just one of those songs that I love just because – but I have been listening to it on repeat these last couple of weeks!

So, there you have it, my March update on what I’ve been listening to! What music have you been loving this past month? Be sure to let me know below!