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Weekly Lists #27: Favourite DIY-tubers

Every week I post a list of 5 random things, this week: 5 of my favorite DIY-tubers!

I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times: I watch a lot of Youtube – like, probably too much Youtube… And one of the things I really like watching – probably because I actually have the handiness of a goldfish – is any type of DIY…

Of course, Youtube has its fair share of DIY-ers, but here are some of my favourites!

1. LaurDIY


She’s funny, she’s quirky, she’s interesting – and her DIY’s are plenty, varied and actually pretty do-able – very important for someone like me!

(also: with spring coming on, over here: here’s some spring DIY”s:


2. MegBaby


So, DIY is certainly not this youtuber’s main ‘thing’, but the DIY’s she does do, are pret-ty cool!

3. Aunty Tay

This is actually the video through which I got to know Aunty Tay, which wasn’t even on her own channel, but, yeah, basically, I saw this, and I kinda wanted more – and there’s a lot more to be had!

4. How Does She


Yes, sure, it’s too late in the year to still be making snowmen – but you know what, we’ve had snow here in March and I love snow and I really love this tutorial, so there you go anyways…
I actually came across this channel via Millenial Moms, just like Aunty Tay, so I guess I’d have to advise you to definitely go check that one out as well!

5. Many, many others – to name a few:


You know, to make for a nice and smooth transition from winter to summer… 🙂



Does food even count as DIY? Anyways, there’s more than just that, of course – such as: summer!

Because more summer is probably always a good thing, no? (apart from the part where I want it to be winter again, you know)


Of course these two are in here, they’re in just about every youtube-related post I make (woops) (also: more t-shirts! This worked out so perfectly!)

So there you have it, 5 of my favourite (parttime-)DIY-tubers! Which DIY-ers do you like? Do you also watch any of these? Be sure to let me know below!