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Weekly Lists #82: 00s Music to Brighten your Day

So as I was writing my list on 90s music to brighten your day, I realised that to a large extent the 90s and nillies sort of seem to run into each other for me. Basically: quite a lot of the music I was gonna add into that list, turned out to actually be from a decade later. So, naturally, I had to go ahead and make a second, similar list. This week’s list: 00s music to brighten your day!

1. Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

Alternately, this one might go as well, although I only really got to know this one because of Easy A 🙂

Or this beauty, which I just realised I thought for the longest time was actually by Pink – oh well 🙂

2. Owl City – Fireflies

Basically, when I hear this song I’m just catapulted back to the back of my parents’ car, with my bff, singing along to this song and just having the best time. So yeah, good stuff 🙂

3. Sara Bareilles – Love Song

First of all, can we just say empowerment? Seriously, not only does this song have such a cute clip, great vocals and awesome music, these are actually some lyrics I could keep listening to!

4. Pink – So What

I already mentioned Pink, so naturally I had to go ahead and include one of her songs in this list. Basically – this song is amazing. And also, the amount of jemenfoutisme (I-don’t-care-ism)? Kinda wish I could do that!

5. Christina Aguilera – Candyman

Christina Aguilera basically kind of co-ruled the nillies, and this song was just one of many reasons for that. Another thing this song is a reason for? My obsession with that whole 50s army-vibe!

And that’s 5 of my favourite nillies songs to brighten your day! Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely, like, 100 more of these out there, but I guess that just gives me the option of writing another post like this another time! Do you have any other 00s music that brightens your day? Be sure to let me know below!