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Bookish break

Quick notice: I’m going to be taking a bit of a break, or at least a light-version of a break.

I have two weeks left to write the majority of my master’s dissertation, and right after that my journalism internship starts.

I’m getting virtually no reading done, what I’m reading I definitely don’t have the energy to review.

Basically – all things bookish? Kind of drawing a blank. Same goes for random stuff, by the way.

I have a couple of posts planned or written – those will go up as planned. The monthly updates, definitely the weekly lists…

As for everything else, I’ll try and get as many in as I can, but no guarantees. I’m learning that sometimes I need to take some time for myself, or I’ll drown. This is definitely one of those times…

Here’s to taking care of you and remembering to put yourself first every once in a while (or at least before your blog 🙂 )