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Weekly Lists #104: 5 Favorite Blogposts September

So September was a blast. And I mean that as in: it blasted through me and left me behind in shreds. And I promise that’s the last time you’ll hear me complaining about it. For this month’s series of updates. Luckily, I did come across quite some posts that I really enjoyed reading. So here’s my favorite blogposts september edition!

1. Organizing

As some of you probably heard these last couple of weeks (I think I mentioned it in my 52 goals update as well?) I moved appartment this summer. Which could only mean one thing. A lot of IKEA-visits.

Now, I love all IKEA things. Especially the meatballs, naturally.

But it can get quite overwhelming when you’re trying to keep everything organised as well. And the very thing that’s supposed to be helping me be organised is actually making everything seem cluttered. (Yes, that happened)

Basically, this post is just plain old useful.

(Another post that’s useful: this one from Overstuffed Life, on how to create secure passwords. Because, let’s be real, we probably could all use the reminder)

2. How to support your favourite authors

7 free and easy ways to support your favorite authors

And they’re free. Which is important. Because, you know. Free is good?

(Another one from Mrs Darcy: the background of how she published her first book. A book that I included in my 2017 autumn releases!)

3. A Girl Obsessed

This blogger features in these posts fairly regularly. And in this one in particular? She features three times. *Someone had a good blogging month* 🙂

4. Finding your “tribe”

Hope When You Can’t “Find Your Tribe”

Blair Blogs is another blog that appears in this list what seems like every single time. And this post especially? Well, it hit close to home. Because I moved from home for school. And then I moved again, to another school. While all the friends I’d made in school, moved back home. So, in a way, I’m currently finding myself without a tribe as well.

Which, you know… Sucks.

5. Book blog posts

So here’s a thing that I think most book bloggers sometimes wonder about. Does it really matter?

Do Book Blog Reviews Have Real Influence?

Fun fact: I’m not the only one that wonders!

Another thing I like about book blogs this time of year: fall books. Allllll the fall books. Can you tell I’m excited about this? My fall TBR should be out either this or next week, actually, so you have that to look forward to. And in the mean time? Read The Ardent Biblio’s!

And there you have it, that’s my favourite blogposts of september! Be sure to let me know if you’ve read any good posts yourself. I’m finding my Bloglovin’ feed to be a bit empty to my liking, these days, so I could really use any recommendations!