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Weekly Lists #44: Favourite Make Up

Every week, I post a list of 5 random things – this week: some of my favorite make up!

So, yes, obviously: I’m actually doing this – I’m actually writing a third post about beauty, after giving you guys some of my favourite beauty products (in general) and some of my favourite face products (because, well, reasons) I’m ready for a third post – if it makes you feel any better: as of the moment I’m writing this, I’m not planning on there being any more for quite a while – so you’ve almost got read of this, yay!
Seriously, though: let’s continue!

This post is not sponsored in any way or form. It does, however, contain affiliate links.

1. Max & More Pressed Powder Blush

The first product, and I immediately can’t even find a pic to go with it!
Basically, this is probably the cheapest make up product I’ve ever spent money on – and it’s also the only blush that’s ever made me happy with the way it looked on me.
It’s a peachy pink, just light enough that it doesn’t catch the attention too much (with my light skin, that’s always a problem), it applies really easily and it actually stays on all day – needless to say, I’m actually pretty happy with this one!

2. NYC Smooth Skin BB Cream

As I just said: I have the palest skin ever – almost translucent even!
And as such, finding a foundation that actually works for me is quite often a pain in the behind.
Obviously, then, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I love BB-creams: they’re a lot lighter than a normal foundation, both in feel and in look, and for me, that’s just what I need!
It supposedly has 5 effects mattifying coverage, minimising the appearance of pores and skin, beautifying, minimising the appearance of skin imperfections and brightening the skin) and I can definitely say that, for me, at least, it definitely does all of those!

3. Bourjois Paris, Volume Glamour Mascara(Black)


I don’t think a lot needs to be said about this one – it’s an amazing mascara, I’ve been coming back to it since Bourjois Paris, seemingly, stopped making the Mascara Ultra-Volumateur, and I haven’t been tempted yet!

4. Maybelline Classic Volum’ Express Mascara (Brown)

I mean, well, I say I haven’t been tempted away from the Bourjois Paris-mascara, but I have to admit: I seriously love this one as well! I guess the main difference, for me, is in the colour: the brown mascara, I wear on a daily basis, the black one is more for when I have a party or something like that  – something that really bears with a lot of pulling the attention towards my eyes.
That being said, this mascara is amazing – it’s probably the first mascara I’ve ever tried where the brown was actually something I wasn’t ashamed of putting on my eyes, and it lasts throughout the day – even with me being the “cries at stupid moments in totally not cry-worthy films”-type of person that I am!

5. Eye Care Cosmetics Eyeliner Green

So I wear brown mascara and green eyeliner? Yes, absolutely!
I absolutely do not know why on earth I started doing that combination, but I like it, and this eyeliner makes it almost ridiculously easy to apply!
I guess the one downside to this one would be that it does fade quite easily if your eyes get even the least bit humid – but then again, I have as of yet still not found an eyeliner that doesn’t have that problem for me, so I guess I can’t really complain!

And there you have it, 5 of my favourite make up products – what do you think, any you’re also familiar with? Any you’d like to try? Or maybe even some you think I should try?
Be sure to let me know below!