Weekly Lists

Weekly Lists #92: Note-taking and other hacks

One of many things that you can always get me as a present: stationary. Anything that can help me make lists, be organized, all sorts of pens… However, I don’t usually tend to use any of those things. I know, horrible. I’m always so full of good intentions. And then nothing happens. So this post is basically more for me than anything else: some note-taking and other hacks!

1. Notebook organization hacks

Let’s start at the very beginning: all the notebooks. If they have a pretty cover. If they’re hardcover with one of those elastics around them. Even if they have just the perfect consistency of paper. But, as I already said: then I don’t use them.

Basically I just want to use all of the inspiration, okay?

2. A to-do list trick.

A to-do list trick

Because, well… I’m all about those to-do lists. And I’m also all about forgetting all about them as soon as I’ve written them down. Or not actually go through with them. Or just plain old get overwhelmed by them.

Cue this post, hopefully?

3. Note taking hacks

Now, this Youtuber has an actual stationary line. And an entire Youtube channel dedicated to studying. So, yeah. She has some amazing tips on studying, school, and concentration, but this video in particular I really love.

I haven’t actually tried any of them, naturally. But again: good intentions 🙂

4. Stationary organization hacks

Because naturally, I needed to get some organization in here as well… obviously.

5. All sorts of tags

Because, obviously, what I need is more inspiration and more things I want to own / do / try / see / get / ask for.

Specifically: the Studyblr community is amazing, there’s some awesome Studygrams out there as well, and naturally: Pinterest is an never-ending dark hole 🙂

And there you have it, that’s some of my favourite note-taking and asorted hacks listed for you… If you have any other links that might get me further into this never-ending way down? Please do share them with me – I may love it too much already, but that’s never enough, is it?