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Weekly Lists #93: Things to Love about Summer

It’s not really a secret that I’m not particularly fond of summer. Too much sun, too much heat… Too little things to do. (Yes, I’m that kind of a person.) And still, there’s definitely things to love about summer.

1. Summer nights

Sure, the weather is less warm at that moment, and that might have something to do with it. But also: summer nights are the best moment for all things friends and family. Just being outside, doing whatever. Just enjoying time with the people around you. Just being… This is probably the last summer I can actually say this (long live school breaks!) So I plan on enjoying that 🙂

2. Barbecues

Very few things can be said against barbecues, right? The company you keep absolutely makes this, of course. Barbecue-meals have some of the best flavours. I mean, come on, bell peppers on the barbecue? MELT. Also: all the side dishes are amazing 🙂

3. Travelling

I mean, doesn’t everybody love this? I have so many places I still want to go to, and so many I want to go back to. So many amazing places I’ve travelled to – the England-Scotland roadtrip, springs to mind immediately.

4. Reading-time

I mean, I know I can read any time, but there’s just a certain something about reading on the terras, with some homemade lemonade and cookies next to you. Plus, somehow reading some of my more “heavy reading” seems not so difficult when there’s sun all around me!

5. What comes next

I mean, I know this isn’t technically me liking summer. But you know what, one of the things I can honestly, really enjoy about summer? Knowing that next up are autumn and winter. And maybe that makes me a little bit odd, but there you have it. Probably my favourite thing about summer is what comes after it. So there.

And there you have it, that’s 5 things I do like about summer. Honest truth? I actually had a real bit of trouble trying to come up with 5. True colours showing, and everything?

Be sure to let me know below what you like about summer – I obviously need the inspiration!