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Weekly Lists #168: Books I DNF’d

I don’t really ever “not finish” a book. Well in general. Honestly, a book has to be either a) really badly written; b) really upsetting; or c) really overtly moral for me to actual go: you know what? Let’s not. It hardly ever happens. And yet… Here’s 5 books I DNF’d.

1. Primates of Park Avenue, Wednesday Martin

Honestly, I was really excited to read this one. And, then… I don’t know… The concept of this book is basically that a new mum “studies” the mothers around her. However, the book soon ventured into the pseudo-scientific sociology, and for me… I guess it just felt too much like a sort of self-applauding thing? Also, I put a picture of this book on Instagram, and then the author found that pic, liked it, and proceeded to follow-and-unfollow me about twice a week for the next month. Any willingness I’d had to read this book? Gone out the window after that one.


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2. Snow White, Jenni James

You know that whole “overly moralist” thing I was talking about in the introduction? Yeah, that’s where this book comes in. I might even have already mentioned this somewhere, but the entire series of fairytale retellings by Jenni James?Β Doused in aΒ thick layer of moral in-your-face-ness. And, don’t get me wrong – I can handle a moral undertone, or a lesson here or there. But in this book? It was just so non-stop, rubbing it in, every other page… It completely took away the pleasure of reading this book – which could’ve been a really cool retelling otherwise!

3. A Handful of Dust, Evelyn Waugh

I mean, school books. Basically? If I have to read it for school? There’s aΒ large chance I’m not going to like it. And, you know… In this case, the story also just really didn’t speak to me. And I had to read it for a class with the one professor who was maybe slightly too happy with himself at all times? That might’ve had something to do with it as well, probably. Either way – did not enjoy it, did not finish it… As a matter of fact: hardly even started it!

4. Don’t Look Down, Jennifer Crusie

I’d already read two other books by Jennifer Crusie by the time I got to this one, and I really enjoyed both of them. In the first one,Β Bet Me, you have the classic concept of a guy and a girl dating because of a bet and then emotions happen… Well-known plot, well-written story, and it made me quite eager to keep on reading. The second book I read by Jennifer Crusie, already had more of a dark edge. InΒ Crazy For You, the perfect boyfriend soon turns into the ex-boyfriend from hell, developing stalker tendencies, being generally very creepy… But I still did enjoy the story. By the time I started onΒ Don’t Look Down, however… Well, after a couple of pages, I already felt so on edge, so uncomfortable… I just had to put the book away. I’m still really glad I did – because honestly, I don’t think it was going to be the kind of story I deal with very well… But I do think it’s a pity I’m now basically kind of on edge at the thought of reading anything else by this author…


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5. Prep, Curtis Sittenfeld

Okay, so, you know those scenes in movies? The ones that are so embarrassing that you just can’t watch them? I mean, by now the bf sees them coming as well, because he’s always the one that has to tap me on the shoulder to tell me it’s over. “It” being anything where a character deeply and thoroughly embarrasses themselves, basically. Well, this entire book was basically that. Only, I couldn’t really ask someone else to read ahead for me, could I now? I fought my way through about half of the story, and then I basically just had to give up. Also, I always had to put the book away for a while, to recover, and eventually my loan term from the library ran out. That didn’t help either :p

Anyways, what are some books you DNF’d? Any you feel you should warn me about? I mean, my TBR is certainly big enough, without place being taken up by books I most likely won’t like, so any cautionary tales might be useful!

And of course, as always: feel free to check out the rest of my book-ish content, or all my weekly lists!