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Weekly Lists #184: Magical Instagrams

You know how sometimes you come across a picture that just makes you absolutely dream away? The kind where it almost seems as if they captured some sort of mythical essence, that’s how good they are? Well, here’s some of those magical instagrams that I love most!

1. Alexandria’s Lens


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If you’re in need of the kind of Instagram-profile that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different world… May I just suggest you start out with this one? Every single shot on this feed has something about that seems just plain old magical… And I love it for that little bit of escapism it always gives me!

2. Suryakrisnaa


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If you want the type of magic that makes you both kind of introspective and maybe a little sad? Well, then the feed over at Suryakrisnaa might just be the thing for you. At least, that’s the effect their images always have on me!

3. Skip_Away

Natacha over at Skip_Away has the kind of art that actually sometimes make my breath stop for a second. That’s all I have to say about her profile, really – and I feel like that’s all I reallyΒ need to say as well!

4. Pulkit_Kudiwal


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Otherworldly… That’s the word that always comes to mind when I come across one of these pictures. And a fairly similar account in that aspect is the following:


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This account just seems as if it jumped a couple of decades into the future. Or something like that – either way, it looks amazing!

5. Anna McNaughty


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And to finish off – a picture that somehow seems to capture my childhood? Just dreaming of entire new worlds and worlds within ours… And Anna McNaughty certainly seems to grasp that perfectly!

What other magical instagrams do you know of? Any you think I should check out? Be sure to let me know below!