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Perfect hot cocoa

Through the years, I’ve mentioned a lot of holiday drinks. Whether they be hot, cold, alcoholic, or virgin… I love themed drinks. In all honesty though? If I’m not drinking tea – I’m more likely than anything be drinking a cup of hot cocoa. And through the years? Well, I may or may not have gotten my perfect recipe. And the best thing? It’s really simple – and it only takes 3 ingredients!

Hot cocoa

As I said: you only need 3 ingredients for this hot cocoa:

  • Milk: I usually go for half skimmed, or oat milk, but any milk of your liking will work
  • Vanilla sugar
  • Dark chocolate

For every cup of milk, I would use about half a packet of vanilla sugar, or 10g, and as much, or as little, chocolate as you like.

How does it work? Again: very simple: you pour the milk into a saucepan, with the vanilla sugar. You heat up the milk on a medium to high fire, and as soon as it starts simmering, you add in the chocolate. If you like your hot cocoa on the lighter side, add less, if you want your hot cocoa to basically just be liquid chocolate? Add a lot. Either way, stir until the chocolate has dissolved, et voila: the perfect hot cocoa for a December evening is ready!

For optimal enjoyment…

Of course, the best way to enjoy a hot cocoa is with some whipped cream, and I prefer to make this myself as well. You just take heavy whipping and vanilla sugar (or powdered sugar and vanilla extract, if you prefer) and mix it up until you can get stiff peaks.

Alternate ways to serve this: by dipping some Speculoos (Biscoff) in your hot cocoa. Trust me – you haven’t lived until you’ve had to spoon out bits of the cookie that crumbled into your hot cocoa. It looks like something that’s been eaten before, but it’s one of the most delicious and cosy things to eat ever.

I know that basically everyone has their own “perfect hot cocoa” recipe, so let me know – what’s yours? And if you try this one out: what did you think? Be sure to let me know below!


Walking Through The Pages - Perfect Hot Cocoa - Blogmas 2020