Christmas Drinks

Things I love: cosy drinks. Things I don’t know enough of: cosy drinks. So what better way to expand my knowledge, than by giving myself the excuse of a blogpost? Here’s some Christmas drinks I’d like to try – and I think you should too! Hot drinks Hot cocoa’s Red Velvet Hot Cocoa – Tidy […]

Recipes #7: “Healthy” Brownies

So here’s a fun fact for you. I don’t like calories – but I love the way they package them. French fries… Cookies… Cake…. Quiche… Brownies… So here’s what I love to do: try and find ways to make some of those “packages”  just that bit more acceptable. In a way. Last week, I found myself […]

Recipes #6: Leek Quiche

So it’s been a while since I’ve gotten around to doing a recipe, right? That’s mainly because I keep forgetting to take pics when I’m cooking. And trust me, I’ve been cooking plenty! However, spring has been coming in lately, and that also makes me want to make quiches. For me, quiche is such a good weather-food. […]

Holiday Drinks

Every season has it’s typical drinks, and as was probably expected by each and every one of you – my favourites come in winter. I mean, come on, the holiday drinks are just so amazing! 1. The classic If you ever thought that this was going to be anything but hot chocolate, you obviously don’t […]

6 Most Delicious Holiday Baked Goods

There are so many things to love about the Holidays, and all the amazing food is definitely one of them. There’s the drinks, the snacks, the everything… But most importantly? There’s the endless variation of delicious holiday baked goodies! 1. Brownies, Cafe Delites These basically make for the loveliest, fudgiest, gooey in the middle and all […]

Recipes #5: Autumn-y Apple Cake

So fall is finally here – and that means it’s time to bring back all the apple-deserts! Now, I know I already shared with you my apple crumble-inspired recipe, but here’s the thing: probably my all-time favourite desert ever is basically any type of cake. And my favourite of all cakes? Apple cake! So here is the recipe to […]

Weekly Lists #49: Favourite Food-Tubers

So after writing entire posts on my favourite Family-tubers, my favourite DIY-tubers and (of course) my favourite book-tubers, it seemed only right that I should also dedicate an entire post to some of my favourite food-tubers. Now, fair warning: if you go to these youtubers’ profiles, you will end up hungry – no kidding, what they make […]