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Weekly Lists #182: Favourite Content May

May was a thing that happened. I assume. It basically passed me by completely, but isn’t that just the story of 2019 right there? Either way – here’s my favourite content May got me to discover!

1. Reasons Why We Should Go Green

Except for all of the obvious ones, that is.

2. Eurovision

Also known as: the highlight of any May, right? Honestly, the first semi-final was so weird, and then teh second one had so many good songs… And of course: the good ones won (YAY) (We!ll just ignore Belgium’s performance for the time being, right?)

3. Summer reading

And as per the usual – Modern Mrs Darcy is nice and early in the game!

4. Blogging Tips

Because, honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever really feel as if I’m getting this whole blogging thing, so some more tips on how to really do it right? Well, those are always welcome!

5. Coursera

I’d been on Coursera for a while, you know. And then, suddenly, on May 2nd, I realised I was bored. So I figured I’d maybe look into doing a course of some sorts on there. You know, something that wasn’t to do with history or literature. Something business-like, even, maybe?

Well – it’s been a month, and I’ve just about completed a 6-course-cycle from the university of Pennsylvania. So, you know. I guess it was successful in distracting me from being bored? (I’m blaming this one for May’s reading update, by the way :p )

Anyways, that’s it for my favourite content May updtate! What have your favourite posts been? Any you feel like sharing? Be sure to let me know below!