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Some days, you just have to do nothing

So I’m retaking some of my finals.

Not because I failed them (although, yes, I did fail them), but because I’m basically trying to fit three years’ worth of courses into two years’ time. Turns out you might actually need the retakes to get everything studied then (apparently, there’s a reason why you’re normally only allowed to take so many courses at a time).

Either way: I’m retaking two of my finals.

And no matter how much I love French, studying lists upon lists of vocabulary by heart? Not my thing.

Anyways, I did one of my exams yesterday, so I figured I’d take the morning off today, sleep in, and start studying for the other exam (even more French vocabulary, oh joy).

That wasn’t, of course, taking into account this stupid thing called my inner biological clock – also known as: the thing that makes me wake up every single morning by 8h at the latest – more often, it’s 7h.
Apparently, my inner biological clock hadn’t quite been notified of the fact that, hey, I studied really long hours these past couple of weeks, I need the sleep.
Nope, the stupid thing figured that suddenly being wide awake at, approximately, 3 hours before I had to get up, would be a much better idea.

And waking up early after weeks of not sleeping enough, the day after a huge relief of stress? That does not result in anything good – ever (translation: a headache. It resulted in a headache).

Let me assure you that, naturally, no French was studied.
I did, however, become much closer acquainted with Overstuffed, a blog that I’ve recently been reading through (don’t judge me, it’s the exams, I need fun and short activities for relaxation).

(In case you hadn’t heard of the writer, Lara, yet (and you should, by chance, be reading this blog): go to her blog, read her posts, and fall in love with her family – I know I have!)

Anyways, that’s about it for this episode of ‘rambling without a cause’. I might just go see whether I can get any vocabulary studied by heart (just kidding, I have 3 years’ worth of posts to read through on Overstuffed, gotta get that done first 🙂 )

’till the next time!