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Why one should take it slow

No philosophical anything here, just a very practical reason:

Remember how I said last time that I’m retaking two of my exams, and that one of those, I’d just taken the day before?

Yes, well, about halfway through that exam, I had to leave the room and go a floor down for bathroom-ical reasons, and while going back up the stairs, I was ever so slightly too hurried.

Also, did I mention that the stairs had just been cleaned, and were as such very slippery?

You’ll never guess what happened…

Turns out that tripping on stairs and landing on the sharp end of the stairs first with your entire weight on your left middle finger and then on your left knee will result in much pain and quite the spectacular bruise – we’re talking rainbow-qualities here.

So please, if you want to a) not be in pain for three days straight and b) maintain your evenly coloured skin? Take it slow every once in a while.

I’ve heard it helps.