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Holiday Bullet Journal

2020 was the first year I managed to start (and keep up with) a bullet journal. And honestly? It’s been kind of fun – you know, to get some creativity out. Let’s be honest: I’m no drawing talent – I certainly don’t have the abilities to make some amazing illustrations. But even so: my holiday bullet journal lay-out? Kind of fun – so why not share it?

Preparing for the season

And by preparing, I both mean preparing for blogmas, and for gift-giving. I’m kind of infamous within my family for giving too many presents, so this year, I figured I’d try and be a bit better about it. Or, more specifically: to at least be aware of how much I’m spending on each person.

And of course, then there’s blogmas – which, I somehow managed to be incredibly prepared for – and incredibly overwhelmed by. Something about planning posts and then procrastinating actually writing them? Luckily, as I’m writing this, it’s quite likely that I’ll actually manage to get it done. And it’ll be due to at least planning ahead, if I do.

Monthly overview

The main thing I still have to deal with, this December, is that school is still going. Which means, you know – at least some of my students have permanent assessment every single week. Lot’s of correcting to do, lot’s of preparations to do – and lots of “to do’s” to keep track of.

Add in a daily blogpost, meetings, ordinary classes, and so on and so forth? Well, you can imagine I kind of need to keep track of that. It’s a good thing I’m not really one for big “full page” drawings and stuff, right?

Holiday spirit

It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year – even with circumstances being what they are. Either way, though, it definitely seemed worth it to take note of that. And maybe, if I read this spread often enough, I’ll actually feel more confident about saying that?

To get into that Christmas spirit, though, I’m hoping to establish some Christmas habits – you know what I mean: reading every day, taking time to actually feel cosy, drink lots of soup, … Anything and everything could fit here, really, as long as it’s something that made me feel all cosy, and fuzzy, and holiday-y inside.

Part of those habits, will probably be reaching for those songs, movies, and books, that are guaranteed to get me in the spirit. And again: I like visual reminders. As in: I spent a lot of (entirely too much) time choosing album art and cutting it out, and realising I didn’t own any Pritt, and… I mean – it was fun. And I’m pretty sure I can count that as a Christmas habit as well?

Anyways, do you have a specific holiday bullet journal spread? Any amazing art work? A friend of mine has an entire instagram dedicated to her bujo-art and it always serves to make me feel slightly inferior as well as every so lightly envious – but mostly it’s just bloomin’ amazing. So definitely go check her out!


Walking Through The Pages- Holiday Bullet Journal - Blogmas 2020